Thursday, 26 June 2014 | MYT 4:15 PM

Sam Smith pays tribute to Whitney Houston

The young British singer covers Houston’s hit single, How Will I Know for SiriusXM.

Sam Smith, the current British darling of mainstream music, has just made a ton more fans with his exclusive performance of the late Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know for American satellite radio service, SiriusXM Radio.

In the performance, the 22-year-old Smith sings a stripped-down, slow version of the song, with just a piano playing faintly in the background. His hushed tones fit perfectly well with the track, bringing to life Houston’s chart-topping single in a way never before heard.

Within the next few weeks, SiriusXM will roll out a new show called The YouTube 15, which will feature emerging artistes who use the video-sharing channel to promote their music.

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