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Unforgettable hits from Mariah Carey: Star2 writers' top picks

Mariah Carey has amassed an astonishing 18 No. 1 singles to become one of the best-selling female artistes in the United States.

Mariah Carey is back with a new album, her 14th release entitled Me. I Am Mariah ... The Elusive Chanteuse. But with so many songs in her catalogue, just what is her most beloved hit?

Star2 writers share their favourite MC tunes.

Someday (Mariah Carey, 1990)

Carey’s third single is, surprisingly, an uptempo kiss-off song and she proved she is as deft in composing love sick ballads as she is in writing biting lyrics. 

Sarcastic and to the point (“You were so blind to let me go/You had it all but did not know”), Someday is the perfect lyrical smackdown for a love gone awry. Gordon Kho

Vision Of Love (Mariah Carey, 1990)

Vision Of Love came out in 1990, the same year I joined The Star as an entertainment reporter. Carey’s vocal range was incredible. I had never heard of anything like it. I was rapt instantly. Ann Marie Chandy

Make It Happen (Emotions, 1991)

Carey was a big deal in my school in the early 1990s, back when her vocals were stronger and her music, pop perfection. One of my favourite tracks is Make It Happen. Too bad her music is so over-produced now. – Melody L. Goh

Hero (Music Box, 1993)

I love that the message of the song is the finding of strength from within oneself. – Nadine Fernandez

One Sweet Day (Daydream, 1995)

In 1995, Carey wrote this song as a tribute to a friend who died after a long illness. Her soaring vocals coupled with Boyz II Men’s smooth harmonies truly brought out the heartache in this song. The end where she sings breathlessly, “Sorry, I never told you...” gets to me everytime. Angelin Yeoh

Always Be My Baby (Daydream, 1995)

This song was released right when I had my heart broken and the line, “I know that you’ll be right back baby/Oh baby believe me it’s only a matter of time” brought me hope. It’s been 18 years and still no news ... guess it’s time to move on? – Sharmila Nair

My All (Butterfly, 1997)

Since I discovered girls and heartbreak, this song has been my soundtrack. Carey’s haunting voice is enough to make me cry (yes, I admit it!). Top that with the poignant lyrics and melancholic guitar strums and I’m a blubbering mess. 

Then, my girlfriend came along, and although I’m no longer living in the memory of this song, it still remains my favourite track from Carey. Dinesh Kumar Maganathan

Fly Like A Bird (The Emancipation Of Mimi, 2005)

The final track on the wildly successful The Emancipation Of Mimi has minimal lyrics but with Carey’s soaring vocals, this song is the perfect closure to a great record. Chester Chin

Bye Bye (E=MC², 2008)

I really came to know Carey at a time when she was selling more skin than music. That’s why when Bye Bye was released, a song inspired by her late father on the universal message of losing a loved one, I found it heartfelt and refreshing.Kenneth Chaw

#Beautiful (Me. I Am Mariah ... The Elusive Chanteuse, 2014)

This song reminds me of my sister and her fiance and how beautiful their love is. Natalie Heng

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