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Going solo: Tria Aziz and her one-woman show

Life cycle: Singer Tria Aziz’s show A Bun In The Oven is a musical glimpse into her journey as a mother and performer.

Life cycle: Singer Tria Aziz’s show A Bun In The Oven is a musical glimpse into her journey as a mother and performer.

The winner of ntv7's Audition is all set to take us on her journey of motherhood and music.

SHE is no stranger to singing in bars and lounges, or winning over audiences with her acting chops.

Having won ntv7’s Audition, a TV reality show where contestants are judged on their musical theatre skills, Tria Aziz went on to record Tika, the theme song for the 2007 Malay horror movie Waris Jari Hantu.

At last year’s Short + Sweet Musical Festival, she walked away with the Best Female Actor award.

Her accomplishments as a performer and entertainer might be many, but if there’s one thing that she has always wanted to do – but has yet to do it – it would be a one-woman show series.

“I’ve always thought I wasn’t ready,” the youthful 41-year-old Tria candidly shares in an interview ahead of her shows at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac).

“But then I got invited to sing at a theatre lounge in Hartamas early this year, and it was not so bad.”

That experience gave her the push she needed to convince herself to go solo.

And thus, A Bun In The Oven: A Musical Journey, was born.

In this show presented by The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat, Tria will perform 15 songs, including a couple of medleys and duets with guest artistes.

“I picked the songs that touch me as a mother and wife, and I added some songs just for entertainment’s sake so the audience will have a little laugh too,” says the mother of two, who is expecting her third child next month.

The story behind the unusual show title is quite literal, with a humorous touch.

“I’ve been thinking about the title for some time ... since there is no way I can hide the fact that my tummy has swollen, my friends and I thought it would be funny to just let it hang in the open for everyone to see – I don’t mean this literally of course!” she says. “This was how the name A Bun In The Oven came about, over teh tarik with friends. We had a good laugh discussing this.”

Tria describes A Bun In The Oven as a “sit-and-relax kind of show”, one where you kick back with a drink in hand and enjoy an evening of well-loved songs, from the evergreen (Hey Big Spender by Sweet Charity, Loving You by Passion) to musicals (A Spoonful Of Sugar from Mary Poppins, I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables) and beloved Disney tunes like Let It Go from Frozen and I See The Light from Tangled.

With so many great songs out there, and so many that the Pahang-born-and-raised Tria associates with her journey as a mother and performer, it was quite the challenge to narrow it down to a handful for this show.

“Some songs that I wanted to sing had to be taken out because they couldn’t fit into the story. I am not the most organised person, so the scheduling was a nightmare – but with a little help from my stage manager, I got this done somehow,” she relates.

Expect a story woven into the evening’s presentation, “just to add some drama”.

Essentially, though, A Bun In The Oven revolves around Tria’s journey “as a mother, a pregnant woman and a musical performer”.

When asked what other projects she has up her sleeve, she mentions that for her it is back to the musical stage next year for KlPac’s production of Usman Awang’s Uda Dan Dara.

“But at the moment, my big project is to birth this baby safely at home via water-birth!” she says of her third child. “Yup, I’m one of those new age hippies that modern doctors love to hate. I like the non-invasive method of birth ... I prefer the peaceful old ways.”

On her Twitter profile, Tria wrote that she is “a mother first, a performer second.”

How apt then, to be staging A Bun In The Oven now, weaving together her hopes and aspirations for motherhood and performing.

Singling out Stephen Sondheim’s Loving You as the song that speaks volumes to her at this point in her life, she says, “It reflects the love I have for my kids, and theirs for me and my husband. Kids truly are little angels God sends to remind us how loved we are. That is how I feel for my children. They taught me the meaning of unconditional love.”

A Bun In The Oven: A Musical Journey is on from June 19 to 21 at 8.30pm and June 22 at 3pm at Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan, off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur). Tickets are priced from RM55. Call Klpac box office (03-4047 9000) or TicketPro (03-7880 7999; www.ticketpro.com.my) for ticket purchase. For more information, visit www.klpac.org.

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