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Monty Python releases unofficial football anthem for England

The recently-reunited British comedy troupe has high hopes for the country in the World Cup 2014.

Monty Python, well known for its comedy sketches, has released a reworked version of its famous song Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, calling it the unofficial World Cup 2014 anthem for England.

The tournament kicks off on June 12 in Brazil; England faces Italy in its opening match.

The group has added an extra verse to the song, which was originally written and sung by Monty Python member Eric Idle in 1979 as part of the film Life Of Brian. Since then, Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life has become a familiar tune in numerous sporting events – it was even featured in the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

Idle again performs the new version of the song, singing: “When you’re in the World Cup, and all your hopes are up, and everybody wants their team to win ... then they go and let you down, and come slinking back to town. It’s time for this daft song to begin.”

Monty Python comedy group (from left) Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and John Cleese. – AFP

Monty Python, made up of Idle, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and John Cleese, is set to stage a historical 10-set reunion show in London next month. The last time the troupe performed together was 34 years ago.

The show will also be broadcast into 450 cinemas in Britain and 1,500 more around the world.

Apart from the new track and reunion show, the group will also be releasing a re-issue of Monty Python Sings as well as a box set of all of its previous work (Monty Python’s Total Rubbish: The Complete Collection) at the end of June.

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