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Check out the new single from quack-y dance duo Duck Sauce

The DJ pair, aka Duck Sauce, has just released a catchy new song and it comes with a hilarious music video.

Remember when people thought Barbra Streisand sang a song called “Duck Sauce”?


Well, the quirky dance duo Duck Sauce, which sang the 2010 hit track Barbra Streisand, finally released its debut album last week. The album title? Why, Quack, of course.

Duck Sauce is made up of music producers and DJs Armand Van Helden and A-Trak (aka Alain Macklovitch). Over the past few years, the pair has been churning out hit single after hit single like the aforementioned Barbra Streisand, aNYway, Big Bad Wolf and Radio Stereo. Except for Big Bad Wolf, the other three songs are all included in Quack. 

Also in the 12-track album are Chariots Of The Gods (featuring Rockets), Charlie Chazz And Rappin Ralph, It’s You, Goody Two Shoes, NRG, Everyone (featuring Teddy Toothpick), Ring Me, Spandex and Time Waits For No One.

This week, the duo releases NRG, an infectious number that samples a little-known 1985 Melissa Manchester song called Energy. To accompany the single, Duck Sauce also released the NRG music video, and it is pretty funny.

The video features an infomercial for a miracle product called “NRG” that is basically a gel that can do everything. And we mean everything: From cleaning your toilet and getting rid of your acne to curing headaches and revitalising food that has gone bad – all you need if NRG!

Stand-up comedian Jon Daly, the star of the music video, plays “NRG specialist” Dr Dale Rattington who is assisted by Helden and A-Trak, as well as a fitness enthusiast who is “a dear friend” of the good doctor’s.

We’re not sure who plays the fitness enthusiast (pic below) but if Daly seems like a familiar face to you it’s because he was in the Ben Stiller movie The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.

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