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And the nominees for the worst hairdo in a movie award are ...

We’re pretty sure there are more contenders, but these two women are on the top of the list for now.

Glenn Close plays the super serious and super important Nova Prime in Guardians Of The Galaxy. But her hairdo is so funny that it’s a little difficult to think of Nova Prime as someone whom so many people look up to and respect.

And when does she have the time to do her hair every day anyway? Or is it a permanent ... fixture? *Shudder*

Is it a hat? Is it her hair? What is it??

Meanwhile, in the upcoming sci-fi drama The Giver, Meryl Streep stole Anjelica Huston’s hairdo, but made it worse. First, she turned it grey. Then, she made it look limp and dry; it is badly in need of some extra-strong hair treatment.

By the way, Streep plays the Chief Elder in the movie that's based on a very popular young adult novel of the same title, by author Lois Lowry. 

Bill Murray and Anjelica Huston in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Okay, so Streep didn’t “really” ask for that hairstyle – the director and er, hair person on the production probably made the decision. But surely someone with as many acting awards as Streep can have a say in that area?

If you have anymore “nominees” for us to check out, do leave a comment below or drop us a note on our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter).

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