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On equal ground

America Ferrera on playing a more grown-up Astrid on How To Train Your Dragon 2 and the onscreen chemistry with her man.

AMERICA Ferrera returns to voice Astrid in How To Train Your Dragon 2. Her character, an athletic female Viking, has become quite good with riding dragons that she’s earned the title of champion of Dragon Races in her village.

On the romance front, Astrid and Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) have fallen into a relaxed and comfortable relationship, respecting each other’s different personality and liking their commonalities.

In an interview transcript provided by 20th Century Fox, Ferrera shared her thoughts on how the relationship between Astrid and Hiccup has evolved from the first film: “Their relationship is still very playful and competitive ... What is fun is that our characters are more grown up now. Because there is a romantic aspect to their relationship, there are more tender moments between them.”

To make sure the chemistry between Ferrera and Baruchel is not lost on screen, the actors worked together in the sound booth and this, in turn, allowed them to play off of each other.

This pays off, especially in a scene when Astrid gets her point across to Hiccup by imitating the way her boyfriend talks.

Ferrera recalled: “I was in the booth with Jay one day and (director) Dean (DeBlois) said, ‘I want you to try to impersonate Jay’s voice.’ I had to do it with Jay right there (laughs).

“I said, ‘This is so uncomfortable. How far do I go with this? I don’t want to make Jay feel bad about the way he talks.’

“There is nothing wrong with the way he talks. But I did it and the scene was fun in the end and Jay was a good sport. Jay actually told me that when he saw the film, he laughed out loud at that scene.”

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