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Is that Vitalii Sediuk? Get him off the red carpet now!

Madonna's hatred for hydrangeas was well-documented at the Venice Film Festival in 2011. No thanks to Vitalii Sendiuk.

Madonna's hatred for hydrangeas was well-documented at the Venice Film Festival in 2011. No thanks to Vitalii Sendiuk.

From Madonna to Brad Pitt, no one is safe from Vitalii Sediuk, who says his red carpet antics should lead celebs and event organisers to reconsider their security procedures.

Terror has a new name on the red carpet and we’re not talking about Joan Rivers. Ukrainian journalist Vitalii Sediuk has been making “unforgettable” appearances at some of Hollywood’s biggest events, much to the chagrin of stars.

Sediuk’s deranged hydrangeas

Target: Madonna at the Venice Film Festival

At the end of a press conference for Madonna’s directorial debut W.E., Sediuk posed as an eager fan and presented a bouquet of hydrangeas to the singer.

Moments later, Madonna was caught on camera rolling her eyes at the flowers and then uttering the infamous line, “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas”.

The aftermath: Madonna’s rep issued a statement stating the Material Girl singer is “entitled to like any flower she wants”. The video of Madonna’s hydrangeas incident now has over three million views on YouTube.

Sediuk released Gortensia, a short film inspired by the incident. He intended the film to a be a cautionary tale about how “the words of celebrities can influence the life of ordinary people”.

Sediuk’s last kiss

Target: Will Smith at the Russian premiere of Men In Black III

As the reporter for Ukrainian breakfast show 1 + 1, Sediuk gained access to the red carpet event for Smith’s movie. He got the actor’s attention, shook his hand and then went in for a kiss!

Smith reacted angrily, asking, “What the hell is your problem?”, slapped the eager reporter and walked away.

The aftermath: Smith described the incident on The Late Show With David Letterman as “awkward”. In an interview with Hip Hollywood, Sediuk apologised for his behaviour and said he was just “trying to impress Smith”.

Jennifer Lopez
Sediuk couldn’t get any closer to Adele as presenter Jennifer Lopez politely asked him to leave.

Sediuk gate-crashes the Grammys

Target: Adele at the Grammy Awards

Sediuk made an unwanted appearance on stage when Adele walked up to receive her award. He was heard saying “such an honour to receive this award” before proclaiming his love for the singer. He couldn’t get any closer to Adele as presenter Jennifer Lopez politely asked him to leave.

Sediuk managed to get a selfie with Adele.

The aftermath: In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sediuk revealed that his media organisation didn’t get accreditation to cover the Grammy Awards. Yet, he still got in without a ticket or an official invite.

Backstage, Sediuk also managed to get a selfie with Adele (pic, above). The only real casualty that night was Adam Levine who had to sit on the floor after Sediuk stole his seat.

Vitalii Sediuk went under America Ferrera's couture gown during a red carpet event at the Cannes Film Festival.

Sediuk goes undercover

Target: America Ferrera at Cannes Film Festival

The Ugly Betty actress endured an embarrassing moment on the red carpet when Sediuk crashed her How To Train Your Dragon 2 photocall session.

Sediuk made his way to the red carpet and got under Ferrera’s Georges Hobeika couture gown. Co-stars Cate Blanchett and Jay Baruchel looked on in horror as security dragged Sediuk away.

The aftermath: Sediuk was arrested after the incident. Though Ferrera was reportedly shaken by the incident, the good-natured actress didn’t press charges. However, Sediuk’s red carpet stunt didn’t go down well with his employees at 1 + 1 Media Company.

In a statement issued by the organisation, they apologised to Ferrera and also mentioned that “Sediuk no longer represents the interests of the company”.

Sediuk strikes again

Target: Brad Pitt at the Hollywood premiere of Maleficent

It was reported that jobless Sediuk slipped past security barriers and tried to punch Pitt in the face. The 50-year-old actor was unhurt and continued signing autographs for fans at the red carpet. Sediuk was arrested and led away by security.

The aftermath: Sediuk was charged in court for battery and unlawful activity. He was sentenced to 36 months probation, US$220 (RM710) in fines and 20 days of community service.

He was also ordered to keep a distance of 457m from red carpet events, movie premieres and award shows. Pitt also issued a five-day restraining order against Sediuk.

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