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Going up against Godzilla

Bryan Cranston in 'Godzilla'.

Bryan Cranston in 'Godzilla'.

Stars of the new film talk about working on a monster project.

Ken Watanabe 

Godzilla stars Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Craston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ken Watanabe.

Looking dapper in navy blue suit, Japanese actor Ken Watanabe believes his characer, Ishiro Serizawa, is a scientist who finds himself in a moral struggle.

“His father was a Hiroshima bomb survivor in 1954. Because of that, Ishiro ended up learning about nuclear energy in hopes of doing something meaningful for mankind. However, he ends ups working at a dangerous nuclear power plant.

“In the process, he discovers the existence of Godzilla. He begins to fear the power of nature that humans cannot control,” the 54-year-old said.

The good–humoured actor shared what scares him the most: “I don’t have a lot to fear. Maybe wife ... ”

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

GZ-03444Film Name: GODZILLACopyright: © 2013 LEGENDARY PICTURES PRODUCTIONS LLC & WARNER BROS ENTERTAINMENT INC.Photo Credit: KIMBERLEY FRENCHCaption: AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON as Ford Brody in Warner Bros. Pictures' and Legendary Pictures' sci-fi action adventure

Actor Aaron Taylor–Johnson, 23, thought of his character Ford Brody as someone “who got lost along the way”.

“He doesn’t realise what are his responsibilities. He’s very angry at the loss of his mother (at a very young age) and his father was not really there for him.

“He doesn’t get the understanding of how to be a good father or husband in his own relationship. Eventually he realises in the midst of a disaster that family is the most important thing,” said Taylor–Johnson during an interview in New York City.

Bryan Cranston

In production notes from Warner Bros, Bryan Cranston described his character Joe as a “whistleblower”.

“He has detected anomalous sound patterns in these tremors that others are trying to write off as mere earthquakes, but his data doesn’t support that.

“He knows something more here and wants the Janjira nuclear power plant (in Tokyo, Japan) shut down, but nobody listens. When they finally do, it’s too late.”

Cranston, 58, recalled the excitement he had as a young boy watching Godzilla on television.

“With his fiery breath, he just destroyed everything in his wake. It was actually a man in a suit stomping through a miniature Tokyo, but it was marvellous to a young kid. There’s a part of me that will always be that boy.”

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen said she loved how Godzilla showcased the idea that ordinary people could be heroes in times of need. “(My character) Elle’s story is heroic in that she has a job to do but she is also desperate to protect her own child.”

She added: “Their story and Ford’s journey to try to get back to them is part of what I loved about this film – how moments of crisis bring out the courage and heroism within everyone.”

Olsen, 25, admitted that she has never watched a Godzilla film before. “I got to learn about Godzilla through (director) Gareth. 

"To me, it’s representative of human negligence and our obsession to control things we simply cannot overcome. There is also this amazing dichotomy of Godzilla as a hero and villain.”

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