Thursday, 20 March 2014

Theo James: A geek at heart

THEO James revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that if he had to choose a faction – like his character in Divergent – it would be “awkward sex and Gryffindor”.

So, does he still stand by his decision?

“Yes, but if I was being serious I would say Dauntless because they can drink alcohol, and a bit of Erudite because they are analytical thinkers,” he said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles, California, last week.

The British actor, who is only making waves in Hollywood now, had already made his name on television, thanks to his role as Detective Walter Clark in Golden Boy. He also had one memorable appearance as the glorious Kemal Pamuk in Season One of Downtown Abbey ... you know, as the guy who (*spoiler alert*) deflowered Lady Mary and died. Literally.

Has he kept up with Lady Mary’s life since then?

“Honestly no. But I did have a great time doing that show.”

James may have had a late start in the entertainment industry but nevertheless, he doesn’t regret the path he took to reach this point in his life now.

“I wanted to go the university and I wanted to travel a bit,” said James, who in fact did earn his degree in Philosophy from the University of Nottingham in United Kingdom and travelled to South America, Asia and many different parts of the world in his younger days.

James’ laid-back manner to life may have stemmed from the fact that as the youngest of five siblings, his parents were, as James’ said, “more loose” when it came to raising him.

“They were like ‘go for it ... whatever’. My parents are really supportive and so are my siblings.”

Good looking, philosophical, world traveller and a Hollywood star .... is there even a need for another reason to love this 1.85m tall hunk?

Oh, he also loves to read.

“I grew up reading Enid Blyton, the Hardy Boys and Lord Of The Rings. And Harry Potter, of coures. I am a big reader, I love being a geek.”

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