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Victor Wong, daddy white knight

The birth of his son inspired Victor Wong to write a song about him.

The birth of his son inspired Victor Wong to write a song about him.

Taiwan-based Malaysian artiste Victor Wong is relishing his new roles as a father and leading man.

HOMEGROWN artiste Victor Wong has solidly cemented his White Knight image by becoming a family man. He became the proud father of a baby boy late last May and appears to be taking to fatherhood rather well.

Better known to his Chinese-speaking fans as Pin Kuan, the 41-year-old singer-actor brightens up each time he talks about his eight-month-old son Jayden, nicknamed Xiao V (Little V).

The beaming father admits that he initially overestimated his own patience in caring for his baby.

“I’ve learnt firsthand how a baby requires one’s complete, undivided attention. That means you can’t be carrying your baby with one hand and replying to messages on your phone with the other. You have to put the phone away. The child will have none of that half-hearted babysitting business!”

Despite having his hands full, Wong happily shared how his little bundle of joy inspired him to write a song that will be included in his upcoming album, scheduled for release later this year. “It’s tentatively titled Xiao V Zi Ge (Little V’s song),” he said.

It also looks like baby Jayden may be taking after daddy after all.

“Jayden adores music. He simply loves it when I sing to him,” shared Wong, who is already a deft hand at changing diapers and burping the infant.

Back in town last week to promote his latest movie Pasar Malam, the singer-actor disclosed during an interview that his wife Jennifer is already expecting a daughter in July.

“My wife wanted a daughter too, so she’s really happy. The 13-month gap between the two is quite ideal.”

Pasar Malam is Wong’s first leading role in a Malaysian movie (his first leading role ever was in mainland Chinese romantic flick Zhu Ding Ai Ni). The light-hearted family flick was directed by Bryan Gao and produced by Aron Koh.

In the made-in-Malaysia movie, Wong portrays Lin Chu Yi, a small-town stinky tofu hawker who braves the bright lights of the big city to peddle his potent snack.

To help him develop his trade, his friend Angry Bird (Henry Thia) introduces him to the Pasar Malam. There, he meets soya bean drink hawker Xiao Ding Dong (Chris Tong) and promptly falls for the gutsy gal.

However, trouble comes in the form of fragrant tofu hawker Wan Jin You (recently-deceased Singaporean actor John Cheng) and his own thuggish elder brother Lin Chu Jiu (James Wong).

When approached by Pasar Malam film director, Wong said he was persuaded by the fellow’s sincerity but admitted he had some misgivings.

“Although my role in Ice Kacang Puppy Love (2010) was considered somewhat funny too, it was more like an extended cameo for me. But for a starring comedic role, I did have some concerns. Especially since I was asked to play a stinky tofu hawker. I wondered if I looked convincing enough for the part.”

Having been based in Taiwan since 2001, the Malaysian-born artiste mused how different night markets were there.

“In Taiwan, the night markets are fixed and operate at the same place every night. I mostly go for the street food like shaved ice desserts, salted crispy chicken, meatballs, stinky tofu, grilled sausages and other barbecued stuff. When my mother visits me in Taiwan, I’ll take her for a stroll through the night markets,” he added.

“In Malaysia, I would eat local foods like curry mee, Hokkien mee, asam laksa, char koay teow, goreng pisang, grilled stingray, rojak, and other delicacies I can’t get in Taiwan.”

Pasar Malam was filmed at Sekinchan (mostly for the small-town scenes) and Chinwoo, where they built their own pasar malam from scratch.

Wong shared that it was filmed in 2012, when he was also involved in two other movies produced by Asia Tropical Films, mainland Chinese co-production Miyeon and Malaysian film Ping Ping An An.

Pasar Malam is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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