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Hercules is coming

Kellan Lutz plays Hercules in 'The Legend Of Hercules'.

Kellan Lutz plays Hercules in 'The Legend Of Hercules'.

Kellan Lutz takes on the role of Hercules in the latest film about the demigod.

MYTHOLOGICAL hero Hercules has had his share of limelight on both the big and small screens – a Disney animated feature and a series starring a very charming Kevin Sorbo are two memorable ones.

Now Kellan Lutz gets to add his own spin to Hercules’ tale in the film The Legend Of Hercules. The 28-year-old actor describes the film as an epic origin story – from a young boy who falls in love and fighting for that love, to a man who realises he has a greater destiny to fulfill.

“It’s a story of him coming to terms with his true identity, being born to a mortal woman and the god Zeus,” said Lutz, who is best known for his role in the Twilight franchise, in an online interview.

Lutz’s fascination for Hercules started from young when he saw a picture in a colouring book of a man getting ready to fight a lion. This, apparently, resulted in his love for wild cats and Greek mythology. Hence, playing the role of Hercules is a childhood dream come true for him.

Kellan Lutz tackles the role of Hercules in The Legend Of Hercules

The Legend Of Hercules begins with Queen Alcmene (Roxanne McKee) being granted a son, Hercules, by the Roman God of War. Unfortunately, his presence brings about resentment from the queen’s husband, King Amphitryon (Scott Adkins) who never shows any affection towards Hercules and favours Hercules’ older brother, Iphicles (Liam Garrigan).

When Hercules falls in love with Iphicles’ betrothed (Gaia Weiss) and runs away with her, the king locates him and then sends him to fight in a raging war as a punishment.

Unfortunately, Hercules is then sold into slavery and forced to battle in a gladiatorial arena against impossible opponents. It is here, however, that he befriends a fellow gladiator (Liam McIntyre) and comes to realise his true fate. What happens next, is something Hercules’ stepfather would’ve never predicted.

The reality that he is playing Hercules truly sunk in when Lutz put on the gladiator costume and walked onto the grand sets depicting ancient Greece.

It was at that point, he became mentally ready for the shoot. Lutz, who was born in North Dakota in the United States, had prepared himself physically as he knew he was going to be shirtless for quite a bit in the film.

Lutz packed on the muscles to play the son of Zeus, who is said to be able to defeat six men all by himself, by going on a high-protein diet. He admitted that it, “was kind of tough because I really love candy”.

But this helped to shape his body as much as the intense workout, which included riding a horse, spear-throwing and swordplay on top of regular routines like push-ups and bearing weight. “It was a lot of hard work,” he confessed. But this allowed him to do most of the stuntwork himself. “Almost 99% of it is me,” he said.

In the production notes, Lutz added: “I love doing stunts and action films which is the genre I’ve chosen as an actor. Some of the combat is of a grand scale, while other is hand to hand and I’ve really put all of myself into all of these scenes, with some scars to prove it.” 

> The Legend Of Hercules opens in cinemas nationwide this Thursday.

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