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The Adventures Of Kroit

  • Author : Zint
  • Genre : Comic
  • Publisher : Gempak Starz


The Adventures Of Kroit

Step into the realm of divine and supernatural entities with the 'King of Thieves'.

ONCE again, another fantastic comic by local talent Zint.

This is the story of a thief named Kroit who calls himself the “King of Thieves”. One unfortunate day, he is arrested and thrown in prison where he meets a mystical creature named Sagittarius Ecronomicon Frelia, who takes on the form of a flower.

Kroit discovers that Frelia was cursed, turned into a flower – a talking flower at that – and sent to Earth.

Frelia only seeks to return to his homeland, the magical city of Sorga Loka, which is in an alternate universe. He requires a human spirit to travel from Earth to Sorga Loka, and eventually uses Kroit as his “host” – fusing himself to Kroit’s left arm, also to prevent Kroit from bailing on him.

The fully coloured comic takes readers into the realm of divine and supernatural entities. Along the way, they meet allies like King Doros and Stinky, who help them in their effort to reach Sorga Loka.

For them to get there, however, they must navigate the depths of the abyss called Dark Village, a hellish place filled with creatures that feed on human spirits; venture through the dense jungles of the Shadow Forest; and cross the Lava Canyon (the same says it all). In each place, they face strange creatures that seem to have it in for them.

While the plot keeps things interesting, the timeline seems to be somewhat inconsistent as the story begins in the Middle Ages and ends in an era that looks a lot like the 21st century.

It’s also worth noting that humour is a major element in the comic and even the plot revolves around it. There is a running joke throughout the story in which Kroit is continually mugged for money and he retaliates by claiming that he is the real king of thieves.

Visit for more titles. Comics by Zint can be purchased at major bookstores in Malaysia.

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