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Battles in fairyland: Books for young adults and children

For young adults, we have several continuing series offering anxiously-awaited answers to cliffhangers while the little ones have some entertaining titles of their own.

Ruins (Partials Sequence #3)
Author: Dan Wells
Publisher: Balzer+Bray,
451 pages, fiction

It's inevitable. A war is looming and it will decide the fate of both humans and Partials. Both sides have in their possession a lethal weapon that could decide who holds the power in the end. But if it’s up to Kira Walker, she’ll do everything possible to prevent a horrific blood bath. With very little time and much to sacrifice, will she be able to save both species and the world that holds them?


Steadfast (Spellcaster #2)
Author: Claudia Gray
Publisher: Harper Teen,
346 pages, fiction

When Nadia, Mateo and Verlaine saved Captive’s Sound from the dark Sorceress Elizabeth, they honestly thought happily-ever-after was about to beckon. Well, not so fast.

Despite the trio’s efforts, a greater and more sinister evil has seeped through into their world. It doesn’t help that Nadia’s magic is now magnified ever since Mateo became her Steadfast. Because with more knowledge about the craft, Nadia becomes more vulnerable to a darker magic.


Shattered (Slated #3)
Author: Teri Terry
Publisher: Orchard Books,
402 pages, fiction

Kyla's on the run. The government Lorders who erased her memory and the terrorists who tried to manipulate her just won’t leave her alone. Now, she’s assuming a new identity and desperate to learn about her life prior to Slating.

She soon learns that ignorance is indeed bliss when her pursuit of the truth leads her on a perilous journey that threatens to destroy her ties with those close to her.


Tales From My Closet
Author: Jennifer Anne Moses
Publisher: Scholastic Press,
298 pages, fiction

There are clothes. And shoes. And, well, secrets. For Justine, Becka, Robin, Polly, and Anne, making a fashion statement is the be-all and end-all of secondary school life. The girls aren’t exactly the best of friends. In fact, they’re at war with each other, but through their clothes, they gradually reveal their true colours and make peace with what it means to be a teen.

Touted to be funny, honest and all-girl fabulous, the narrative is told in alternating voices with a focus on the characters’ individual struggles and successes.


Secret Kingdom (#1): Enchanted Palace
Author: Rosie Banks
Publisher: Scholastic Inc,
128 pages, fiction

Imagine stumbling upon a magical box, powerful enough to whisk you and your friends away to another world entirely. A world known as the Secret Kingdom, a magical land filled with every conceivable magical splendour under the sun. That’s what happens to Ellie, Summer, and Jasmine, who happen to be the very best of friends.

But wait! The Secret Kingdom is in danger, and it is now up to the girls to save the day. Do they have what it takes to battle the evil Queen Malice and save the magical realm from oblivion?


The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland And Led The Revels There (Fairyland #2)
Author: Catherynne M. Valente
Publisher: Square Fish,
272 pages, fiction

The sequel to The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making follows September as she returns to Fairyland, only to discover that its inhabitants have been losing their shadows, and their magic, to the world of Fairyland Below.

Halloween the Hollow Queen is now the new ruler of this underworld and, boy, is she adamant about not giving back what has already been taken. With art by Ana Juan.


Daisy And The Trouble With Burglars
Author: Kes Gray
Publisher: Red Fox,
236 pages, fiction

Daisy has had it with the police – a triple dose of burglaries has just hit town and there are still no arrests! Anyone could be next and Daisy wants to help. Together with best friends Gabby and Dylan, little Daisy forms her own detective agency and sets out on the burglars’ trail – with the help of a notebook, a magnifying glass, a camera and, erm, a box of icing sugar?

But how do you detect anything when mum and dad don’t allow you to go any further than the end of the road?

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