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Reading Room: Love and mystery

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The Execution Of Noa P. Singleton
Author: Elizabeth L. Silver
Publisher: Headline Review, 407 pages, fiction

NOA P. Singleton was sentenced to death row for the murder of Sarah Dixon at the age of 25. She remained forlorn in prison for 10 years and in six months’ time, she will be executed. Noa has long been resigned to that grim fate. However, Marlene, Sarah’s mother, has other plans for her. She visits Noa in the little time remaining, intent upon invoking a clemency appeal. What plans does Marlene have for Noa? What could have prompted her to change her mind about the guilt of the woman who supposedly killed her daughter?


The Love Detective
Author: Alexandra Potter
Publisher: Hodder, 359 pages, fiction

RUBY Miller is a writer who is always in pursuit of happy-ever-afters. That is, until she discovers her fiance’s infidelity. In order to help her get through the ordeal, Ruby’s sister invites her on a beach holiday to Goa. Ruby takes up her sister’s offer, boards the plane and flies straight into what she hopes will be an extraordinary adventure. But then again, chick lit wouldn’t be complete without a brewing disaster and a handsome man on the horizon. And so, Ruby’s adventure begins....


Cooking With Bones

Author: Jess Richards
Publisher: Sceptre, 320 pages, fiction

AFTER escaping from the city of Paradon, a pair of sisters make their way to a village by the sea. There, Old Kelp’s cottage and her recipe book await them. Amber quickly feels a sense of belonging, baking honey cakes each night for the villagers. But the desserts she makes aren’t ordinary. Using a set of mystical bone spoons, Amber adds truth, lust and confusion to her pies and puddings. How will her magical concoctions affect the village? And what will happen to her younger sister Maya, now that Amber has found her calling?


Author: Shuichi Yoshida
Publisher: Harvill Press, 240 pages, fiction

PARADE tells the story of four 20-somethings who share an apartment in Tokyo. There’s Kotomi who always waits by the phone for a lover who never calls; Ryosuke who lusts after someone he can’t have; Mirai who spends her time drawing; and Naoki who works for a film company. The novel explores each individual’s life, hopes, fears, loves and secrets as the four navigate their way through the big city. Their lives take an unexpected turn when Satoru, a mysterious and homeless 18-year-old shows up in their lives.


Author: James Patterson
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, 448 pages, fiction

BEN is unlike most people. His mind is always filled with racing thoughts and he’s consumed by his obsessions – movies, motorcycles, presidential trivia and the beautiful Diana Hotchkiss.When Diana is found outside her aparment, cold and dead, Ben’s obsession drives him on a mad hunt to find out the truth behind Diana’s demise. His search leads him to a shocking truth – his lover had been leading a double life. And now, Ben’s life is in peril as someone is intent on stopping him from the truth about Diana.


Watch Your Back
Author: Karen Rose
Publisher: Headline, 566 pages, fiction

NOW that her husband and son’s killer is behind bars, Stevie Mazzetti tries to move on with her life for the sake of her daughter. Eight years later, the Baltimore detective is intent on fighting for crime victims. When she learns that her ex-partner may have interferred with justice, she’s determined to right the wrong, even if it means putting her life in terrible danger. Will Stevie be able to fight a corrupt system while upholding her own morality? Or will she succumb to seduction?

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