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Biz book review

A Piece of the Action:How the middle class joined the money class

Author:Joe Nocera
Publisher:Simon & Schuster

The author writes about how the middle class’ access to credit cards, mutual funds and retirement accounts change their view of investments and money management and how this pave the way for them to get “a piece of the action.” He writes about the financial characters of modern times, from co-founder of Merrill Lynch, Charles Merrill, to Charles Schwab, who founded Charles Schwab Corp to investor Peter Lynch of Fidelity. Nocera, a columnist with The New York Times considers how events like the dot-com and housing bubbles influence investment decisions.

Dogfight: How Apple and Google went to war and started a revolution

Author:Fred Vogelstein
Publisher: William Collins

Apple versus Google is a corporate tussle that will play out in the marketplace, the courts and our homes. The result is a reshaping of our technology and what it can do, the content we see and use on every new gadget. It is a war with global repercussions. On a personal level, it is also a story about friendship gone sour, of trust and agreements betrayed, of visionaries like Steve Jobs and successor Tim Cook, American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur Larry Page who co-founded Google, alongside Sergey Brin.

Men, Women & Money

Author:Kevin O'Leary
Publisher: Gallery Books

A book on making decisions about financial matters. Whether you are a parent struggling to explain savings to your children, a student contemplating a study loan or a young couple considering having a joint account, how we manage our money helps to decide how we retire. Each chapter is targeted at a specific age or stage in life and looks closely at your relationship with money and how simple changes in thinking and decision-making can result in more cash in your wallet or bank account.


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