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Chronicle of a successful journey

Datuk Dr R. Palan, the author of 'The Global Journey Of An Asian'. – Bernama

Datuk Dr R. Palan, the author of 'The Global Journey Of An Asian'. – Bernama

CORPORATE trainer and speaker Datuk Dr R. Palananiappan – or Dr Palan, as he is fondly called by his peers – has released The Global Journey Of An Asian, a book that details his long journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur from an Asian perspective.

This is Palan’s 15th book but it is one that departs greatly from his usual topics of human resource development.

At the book’s launch last month, Palan spoke about how he found his calling in training, ie, in helping people to learn and perform; and that in turn is what helped him achieve success as an entrepreneur, as his company, SMRT Holdings Bhd, has grown from a local business to one that provides solutions for human capital development in more than 30 countries. It is how he achieved this that is the focus of The Global Journey Of An Asian.

Dr Palan’s previous 14 titles have been rather technical books on human capital development, some of which are more memorable than others. One of his most well-known titles is The Magic Of Making Training Fun!, which champions the benefits of making training sessions fun; originally written in 1997, the book has been repeatedly revised over the years and continues to be relevant today, 17 years later.

“But The Global Journey Of An Asian is different from those books because this is a book on entrepreneurship,” said Dr Palan, noting that this title took him three long years to complete instead of his usual six months.

“It took me to over 35 countries and I met thousands and thousands of people. And my journey as an author, supported by a good friend of mine, started to fulfil a need to write books relevant to Asia.”

The Global Journey Of An Asian addresses the subject of starting out as an Asian entrepreneur and breaking into the global market. Dr Palan admits that his transition from a professional to an entrepreneur was not an easy one and thus he feels his experiences over the past 30 years could serve as a valuable stepping-stone to aspiring Asian entrepreneurs.

“I wrote this book with the intention to help change mindsets about start-ups, entrepreneurs and business leaders who dare to dream.

The Global Journey Of An Asian is about lessons I learned from the trenches of the market place – how one can move from being an employee to an entrepreneur, and the pain and joy of being an entrepreneur. With Asian cultures being so varied, entrepreneurs have to find their own unique niche in the present fast-paced, challenging and diverse global socio-economic environments,” said Dr Palan, as he shared his insights at the book launch.

A quick look through several chapters the book shows how Dr Palan has put together quotes and teachings from notable business gurus around the world, intertwining them with his real life experiences to set powerful lessons for his readers.

> The Global Journey Of An Asian is published by the SMRT Group and is available at all MPH bookstores and at

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