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  1. What is The Star Online?

    The Star Online is an information portal on the Internet. It was launched on June 23, 1995 as the Internet edition of Malaysia's leading English-language newspaper The Star, but has since evolved – with added features and functions – to move away from merely being an online newspaper.

  2. What's with the new look?

    This is the fourth major redesign of The Star Online – the previous redesign of the site was launched in 2008. This time around, the redesign is primarily about making it easier for users to navigate and access the many forms of content available here.

    For example, at the very top of the screen is a Global link bar that interlink the various verticals that fall under purview of the The Star's New Media Department such as myStarjob.com, StarProperty.my, Daily Chilli, mStar and Gooroo . One click and you're there!

  3. What else is new?

    Well, among others, we've improved our search function so that you'll get more accurate results. We've also made our video content watchable on the very same page you find them. In addition to that, Popular Topics and Breaking News below the top menu will ensure you always get the latest and most read news as they happen.

  4. What about the new logo?

    Glad you noticed. Along with the overall new design, we wanted to also emphasise our brand promise: To always be on top of things, delivering news that matter to you, 24/7.

  5. How is The Star Online's information distributed?

    Over the World Wide Web, via mobile.

  6. What's next after this new design?

    Plenty! The launch version is only the beginning of a carefully planned website that was designed with the reader – you - in mind. So,continue sending us your feedback and we'll continue improving The Star Online experience for you.

  7. Who owns The Star Online?

    The Star Online is the property of Star Media Group Berhad (ROC 10894D) (Formerly known as Star Publications (Malaysia) Berhad), a company incorporated in Malaysia.


  1. What is this service all about?

    The Classifieds Booking Online system is the latest enhancement to The Star's classified advertisement placement service designed for the convenience of individuals who wish to place classified advertisements in The Star anytime, anywhere. The only requirements are that you have access to an Internet-connected computer and a MasterCard or VISA credit card. For the time being, this is the only acceptable mode of payment. We do not accept payment through Public Bank branches for online booking. In the future or as the market dictates, we will add other payment modes.

  2. How do I place an advertisement via this service?

    Just follow the steps:

    Step 1: Register as a MyStar user. If you have already registered, go ahead and log in.

    Step 2: Click on the "I want to book a new ad" button.

    Step 3: Select the advertisement type from the drop-down box, e.g. Cars for sale.

    Step 4: Enter the advertisement details.

    Step 5: Choose the number of days you want it to be published.

    Step 6: Choose the edition in which you want it to be published.

    Step 7: Select your preferred publication date(s).

    Step 8: Check your advertisement.

    Step 9: Submit your advertisement and print out the page for reference.

    Step 10: Select "Yes" to continue with credit card payment.

    Step 11: Done! Please allow at least one day for processing.

    Note: Please close your existing browser and open a new one to pay for subsequent new ad(s) created. This is to avoid errors from occurring during payment for the transaction.

  3. Why should I use it over the traditional method?

    Unlike the traditional method where you'd have to call in or show up personally at one of our designated booking centres to place your advertisement, the online service allows you to achieve the same thing at your own time and convenience. In addition, booking via this service offers you more control over how your advertisement will appear. You are also kept informed of the status of your transaction each step of the way.

  4. Is it safe to give my credit card information online?

    Despite the stories you may have heard, online credit card transactions are far more secure than offline because your credit card information is communicated securely between your computer and the payment gateway (Citibank). That's right, we don't even collect your credit card information: that portion is done by our payment gateway where the connection is secured by 128-bit encryption technology.

  5. I don't have a 128-bit browser. Would my credit card data be safe?

    Yes. With non-128-bit browsers, the encryption level automatically drops to the default 40-bit encryption.

  6. If I change my mind can I revoke my booking?

    Yes, you can, as long as your advertisement has not been confirmed or verified by our Classifieds staff. You may check this information by logging in to ads.thestar.com.my/booking. If you need to make changes when your advertisement has already been confirmed or verified, you are required to email classifieds@thestar.com.my the necessary changes and include the reference number as well. (Note: Classifieds staff reserve the right to accept/decline the changes).

  7. What is the cut-off time if I want my advertisement to appear the following day?

    For the initial phase, your advertisement must be submitted by 11am to ensure that it gets published the following day. However, this deadline is subject to change in the future.

  8. What type of advertisement may I book?

    Currently, you may only book run-on (text only) advertisements. Please note that classifieds advertisements for the categories "Marriages", "Births", "Obituaries", "Friendship", and "Business Opportunities" require relevant documents for verification, and may not be booked online.

  9. Where will my advertisement be published?

    Your advertisement will be published both in The Star newspaper and StarSearch Online.

  10. When should I pay for my advertisement?

    Your advertisement booking is not confirmed until the payment process is completed. You will be required to "pay" when booking the advertisement but your credit card will not be charged until our Classifieds staff have approved and verified your advertisement manually. The system will e-mail you the status of your booking so that you will be kept informed at all times.

  11. Why didn't my Metro advertisement appear in the newspaper on Sunday?

    Because Metro is not published on Sunday.

  12. What is MyStar?

    MyStar is a web community service that enables you to enjoy facilities like chat, clubs, forums, and many others with just a single sign-on. Click here for more information.

  13. I don't want to sign up as a MyStar member. Can I still place my ad online?

    No, not at the moment. However, we encourage you to set up a MyStar account to enjoy the flexibility and full advantages of the service, which includes the ability to re-book ads, receive e-mail alerts, as well as other value-added services offered to MyStar members.

  14. I've forgotten my MyStar user ID / password. How do I retrieve this information?

    The password and User ID information are sent automatically to a user whenever it is requested. In order for the system to send the information to the correct mailbox, you need to associate your MyStar account with a valid e-mail account, e.g. your Jaring or TMnet accounts. To retrieve your password now, click here.

    If you have additional questions, please call Star Online Booking at 03-79668205 (Mon thru Fri, 9am to 5.30pm), or email us at classifieds@thestar.com.my.