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Recruitment company finds success in specialised field

Armand with Malaysian nurses working in the Middle East.

Armand with Malaysian nurses working in the Middle East.

The inspiring story of Melorita Healthcare Sdn Bhd began 37 years ago, with Dr Mohamed Sultan Sickander’s dream to improve the nursing profession and help shape the career paths of nurses and healthcare practitioners in Malaysia.

Mohamed Sultan, the former director of University Hospital (now University Malaya Medical Centre) and Melorita Healthcare have since gone on to improve the career prospects of nurses in Malaysia.

Mohamed Sultan set out to form Melorita Healthcare in 1977 by visiting Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, in response to an advertisement in a newspaper for nursing personnel.

The purpose of the trip was to convince the King Abdul Aziz University Hospital (KAUH) in Saudi Arabia that Malaysian (and Singaporean) nurses were as good as, if not better than, their Western counterparts.

His vision was to fight for a better prospect for nurses and healthcare professionals. Not only was his proposal accepted, but it also led to Malaysian nurses earning better salaries.

Malaysian nurses are so valued in Saudi Arabia that they earn 60% to 70% more pay than other Asean and non-Western nationals working in Saudi Arabia. Their tax-free salaries are up to four times more than what they earned back home in addition to their expatriate status.

Thanks to Melorita paving the way for them, Malaysian nurses are now valued assets in the Middle East.

With all his years of local, regional and international working experience in the fields of hospital management; operations and consultancy; human resource development and training; and personnel search and recruitment, Mohamed Sultan turned Melorita into a reputable and recognised healthcare brand and leading healthcare recruitment company in the region.

The 71-year-old administrator gave the company a strong foundation built on recruiting, hiring and training the best possible healthcare professionals.

The key people of Melorita Healthcare (from left) Dr Mohamed Sultan Sickander, Mary Elizabth (the Executive Director) and Armand Yeoh Abdullah, the CEO and Managing Director of Melorita Healthcare.
(From left) Armand, Mary and Mohamed Sultan are the people behind Melorita Healthcare.

When Mohamed Sultan decided to retire in May 2008, he knew only two people could be counted on to continue his legacy — his associate and trusted administrator of 37 years Mary Elizabeth and his chartered accountant son-in-law, Armand Yeoh Abdullah.

The succession plan saw Armand, 41, appointed as chief executive officer and managing director and the Mary as executive director to steer Melorita to greater heights.

Armand and Mary complement each other with their specific functions and roles.

Mary is the administrator, counsellor and motivator, that all the staff members and healthcare professionals go to for help while Armand is responsible for the strategic development and overall direction of the organisation in line with the company’s mission and vision.

The company’s continuing evolution includes a re-branding exercise and a some strategic planning.

“We changed the corporate colour from dark green to the fresh apple green as part of a re-branding exercise to give it a more fun, refreshing and invigorating appeal,” said Armand.

Melorita is firmly entrenched as a service provider that supports healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities both locally and internationally. The company’s expertise lies in the three core specialities: human capital, healthcare services and healthcare training.

“Our ability to integrate our services and provide quality talent gives us an edge to fulfil the medical needs of out clients,” said Armand

Malaysian-trained nurses are highly sought after in countries like Saudi Arabia.
Malaysia- trained nurses are highly sought after in countries like Saudi Arabia.

For Mary, Melorita was built from a dream shared with Mohamed Sultan. The name Melorita was inspired by “Melor” (jasmine in Malay) and “Ita” from the name Sampaguita (the sweetly scented Philippine jasmine). The five petals in the symbol represent Mohamed Sultan’s family.

With over 35 years of experience in international medical recruitment, the company is now diversifying into home healthcare.

“We believe in the basic foundation that Mohamed Sultan has built, that home healthcare should be part of the complete healthcare system that will allow a patient to have a holistic and complete recovery,” said Armand who has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from a university in Australia.

He believes home healthcare should provide patients and their families a solution to the following issues, especially affordability.

“We want home health to be an option for affordable healthcare by reducing the need for prolonged hospital or nursing-home stay. Besides home health will prevent any loss of income for the caregiver due to having to take time off to care for the patients themselves.

“This healthcare service should be convenient where a patient can have access to quality medical care without having to leave one’s home,” said the father of three.

Melorita Home Health (MHH) is a home nursing and rehab service provider which is part of the Melorita Healthcare Group. The home nursing and rehab provider is dedicated to providing continuous medical care to clients in the comfort of their homes.

Since the Melorita Group of Companies’ strength is in the business of sourcing, training and recruiting healthcare professionals both in Malaysia and internationally, they decided to set up MHH because they believe that providing the best nurse or healthcare staff to their customers’ homes is the key to delivering the best service.

Armand says the company's reputation allows it to attract the best nurses.
Armand says the company’s reputation allows it to attract the best nurses.

“We offer home nursing care, home health service and elderly care. You can be assured of quality healthcare professionals,” said Armand who believes that home healthcare should be part of the complete healthcare system to allow a patient to have a holistic and complete recovery.

As a professional healthcare recruitment agency, Melorita is able to assist healthcare professionals like nurses, medical consultants, supervisors, medical technologists, radiographers, physiotherapists and hospital administrative staff to find rewarding placements locally and overseas.

”Melorita is able to offer its candidates either contract employment ranging from three months to two years or permanent placements with our list of local and international client hospitals.

“We are a one-stop staffing solution for international recruitment. So, if you are looking for nurses from Malaysia, then this is the place,” said Mary.

The company has been providing nurses and healthcare professionals to the Middle East for 30 years and over the years, their services have extended to Bahrain, Singapore, Brunei and local hospitals in Malaysia.

Melorita has a dedicated pool of registered local nurses available for short- or long-term contracts to supplement staff shortages.

“Our extensive permanent recruitment processes for nurses are sourced from Malaysia and overseas. Our reputation allows us to attract the best nurses. We hire only the most highly qualified nurses and healthcare professionals that complete our stringent and quality screening process,” said Armand.

Over the years, the company has expanded its scope of services to cater for the ever-increasing needs of its local and international clients.

Melorita group of companies now provides services like international recruitment, permanent and contract staffing locally, healthcare consultancy, healthcare training & professional development programmes and international repatriation and relocation services both inbound and outbound.

Melorita operates from its headquarters in Amcorp Towers, PJ and has branches in Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

Their clients include organisations in Saudi Arabia like the National Guard Health Affairs Department, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, SFH Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence and Aviation Hospitals, Ministry of Health, King Fahd Medical City, King Abdul Aziz University Hospital, King Khalid University Hospital, Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) and many others.

“We’ve been entrusted to continue the legacy of Melorita. It’s a moral duty and an ethical obligation to be worthy of trust. So our main task now is to maintain quality and standard making sure the legacy is not lost.

“That’s why we have to always stay focused on our mission, to “Make Dreams Come True” for our candidates by offering them the best employment opportunities at the best healthcare facilities that pay the best salaries,” said Armand.

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