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Prospects in outdoor market

Posterscope Malaysia aims to maintain lead despite competition

AS consumers spend more time out of their homes, advertising and communication agencies are scrambling to compete for a larger slice of the out-of-home (OOH) advertising market.

According to a recent global research, consumers spend 25% more time out of their homes than a decade ago. This is a boon to OOH players seeking to strengthen their balance sheets by tapping on the latest technology to stay ahead of the game.

UK-based Posterscope, the world’s leading OOH communications agency, aims to continue its lead despite competition amid the strong growth prospects in the OOH market.

The company is part of the global Dentsu Aegis Network and is a location expert as it knows more about what people think, feel and do out of home via its investment in data, technology and people, which it later translates into creative and quantifiable OOH solutions for clients.

Posterscope Malaysia chief executive officer Fan Chen Yip (pic) says one of the areas of focus will be in data and technology.

Recently, Posterscope rolled out a first-in-the-market OOH technology that captures travel routes and patterns of the audience, allowing data tracking and analytics capabilities for real-time OOH planning.

“We have devices which can be easily docked anywhere we want to measure traffic – at public areas, retail outlets, OOH billboards etc. With these devices, we can then track how people move. For example, adopting this technology, we implemented an outdoor campaign that was monitored and planned based on real-time data.

“Based on real-time tracking of on-site traffic intensity, our clients’ products are moved from low-traffic areas to high-traffic hotspots instantly, really stretching a campaign’s exposure like never before. These are just some examples of the kind of innovative technology-infused OOH that we have pioneered. In today’s increasingly digitally-driven economy, we will continue to invest in building Posterscope’s expertise in data and technology,” Fan tells StarBizWeek.

As part of Dentsu Aegis Network, the agency is in a unique position to leverage the strength of its sister agencies within the network, and in turn, deliver innovative and holistic solutions to clients, he says.

“We firmly believe that the most successful campaigns are the ones that are truly integrated, from media, creative, digital to activation, and Dentsu Aegis Network’s ‘one market, One P&L’ collaborative operating model advocates precisely that,” he notes.

As a result, Fan says some of Posterscope’s work have been recognised by the industry through the numerous awards that it has won, in collaboration with clients as well as communications partners within the network.

The agency had a good showing at the recent Malaysian Media Awards, winning two out of three honours including the gold award.

Posterscope Malaysia is a market leader in the OOH and digital OOH industry with a majority market share. In seven years, he says the agency’s billings have grown 10 times through new business wins and organic growth and intend to maintain the growth momentum.

On the prospect of the OOH industry, Fan says one of the key things for the industry to progress will be to move on to a digitally-connected and data-driven world more aggressively.

Data and accountability is so important, he says, adding that the media that provides the richest data is winning the advertising expenditure fight.

As for the accuracy of OOH data, he notes: “While the industry is cognisant of the challenge in tracking accurate OOH data such as exposure, it is a complex issue and one that is easier said than done.

“Nevertheless, Posterscope is ready to help and work closely with any media owners and the OOH industry as a whole to explore measures to address this challenge, and advocate data-driven OOH planning.”

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