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Monday, 10 June 2013

StarBiz offers more than just content in its pages

STARTING today, StarBiz offers more than just the content in its pages. Through the iSnap feature incorporated in The Star Mobile app, the articles on some of this section’s pages – look out for the iSnap logo – will lead readers with certain mobile devices to additional information and interaction.

In particular, iSnap provides quick access to stock market information that is linked to the StarBiz stories on those specially marked pages.

For example, a reader can check the prices of the listed local companies mentioned in an article. He can also view the company’s profile and the counter’s price chart.

Besides that, he can track the bellwether index FBM KLCI and find out which are Bursa Malaysia’s most active stocks. The data is from the exchange’s delayed information feed.

Another useful feature is that previous Star stories related to the company will be listed on the device screen so that the reader can go through the company’s past developments.

In addition, readers can create and personalise market watch lists so that they will be notified via email each time there is a Star news story on a counter that is on those lists.

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