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Sheila Sri Priya


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Raya celebrations just as fun in city

27 June 2017

“BALIK kampung” (which means going back to one's hometown in English) is a term most Malaysians are familiar with, especially during the festive season.

Disabled learner drivers cry for help

19 June 2017

The disabled are finding their quest for mobility restricted because of the challenges faced in getting a driver's licence, so the Road Transport Department is taking steps to lessen their burden.

300 dishes for different palates

13 June 2017

IF YOU enjoy variety and dining with a group of friends, The Palm Coffee House at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort is the place to be.

Engineer‘s noble idea helps feed poor

12 June 2017

KINDNESS and civic-consciousness seem to beget more of the same. That was the case when Mohd Rahimi Adnan, 34, decided to carry out his plan to prevent food wastage and feed the urban poor at the same time.

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