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Sergei Karazy

Recent and archived articles by Sergei Karazy

Iraqi forces battle towards heart of Mosul's Old City

23 June 2017

MOSUL/ERBIL, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi forces battled their way along two streets that meet in the heart of Mosul's Old City on Friday, and said they aimed to open routes for civilians to flee Islamic State's last stand there.

Gunmen said to chase investigators from MH17 crash site

25 July 2014

KIEV/KHARKIV Ukraine (Reuters) - Gunmen chased investigators from the site where the Malaysian airliner crashed and "lunatics" were still making life difficult for those who wanted to find out what downed flight MH17, officials said on Thursday.

Mourners, candles mark Chernobyl anniversary

26 April 2006

SLAVUTYCH, Ukraine (Reuters) - Mourners bearing candles marked the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on Wednesday, honouring those who died from its effects as leaders pledged to ensure it would never happen again.

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