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Recent and archived articles by Phoebe Khor

Drumming its way into its 20th year

21 March 2017

HANDS Percussion has seen the ups and downs of the Malaysian performing arts scene, but it’s still going strong and is entering its 20th year.

Putting hunt into gear for RM500,000

20 March 2017

DETERMINED to keep the Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation-National Centre (KDSF-NC) running, Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur is bringing back the Kiwanis Motor Treasure Hunt for the 34th time this year.

Book corners bring out the reader in pupils

18 March 2017

WITH children increasingly losing interest in reading, the parents of SJKC Puay Chai 2 pupils in Bandar Utama decided to put together three reading corners within the school compound.

Fines not stopping misuse of OKU bays

11 March 2017

IN PETALING Jaya, the penalty for wrongful usage of parking bays for the disabled (OKU) is steep, and yet the misdemeanour is rampant.

Showing no consideration

10 March 2017

FACILITIES and amenities for the disabled such as parking bays near entrances or specially-equipped toilets are there to make it easier for them when in public areas.

Great gifts for lucky subscribers

10 March 2017

MORE than 50 subscribers of The Star’s ePaper and Star Bundle packages got lucky, as Star Media Group showed its appreciation by holding a lucky draw for them.

Szechuan dishes minus the heat

8 March 2017

THOSE who like spicy food and are partial to Szechuan cuisine might find what they are looking for at Sino Scene Chinese Restaurant.

Preserving culture through pageant

2 March 2017

BEAUTY pageants are invariably all about beauty and character, but Miss Chipao Malaysia is a bit different from the others in that its main aim is to preserve cultural heritage.

Two good deeds in one

25 February 2017

BEING an active advocate in fighting for migrant workers’ rights, Tenaganita is giving the public a chance to take part in its mission in exchange for a little sweat and groove.

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