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Mark Reijman

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Too much hype over diamonds as investment

5 August 2017

DON'T get me wrong. I too bought a diamond engagement ring when I proposed to my wife. But I wasn’t deluded into thinking that the diamond ring was a good investment and I most certainly didn’t spend two months of salary on it either.

Tragic ways in which poverty affects the poor

22 July 2017

THE tragedy behind the effects of poverty is that it impacts the mental capacity of the poor, causes them to age faster and get fatter due to the poor diet and nutrition.

The worst financial advice

15 July 2017

MOST financial advice is neither good nor bad: its usefulness simply depends on someone’s tastes, budgets and risk appetite.

Financial advice for fresh graduates

8 July 2017

IT’S that time of the academic year again… graduation time! Many fresh graduates think they will be done learning (it’s just starting) and will begin their career working at a start-up, join the family business, or enrol in the corporate cubicle rat race.

Rise of the robo-advisers

1 July 2017

WITH the huge investments in artificial intelligence and self-learning machines being one of the buzzwords of 2017, it won’t take long before robo-advisors arrive in Malaysia.

Why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor

17 June 2017

I DON’T believe there is a simple formula to become rich. At least not beyond robbing a bank, winning a lottery, inheriting money from your parents or marrying someone rich.

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