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22 Aug 2017 | 3:50 PM

What if the sexual predator is someone you know?

ALOR SETAR: Secondary students want to do their part in helping combat sexual predators, especially when such predators are people they know.

The townhall panel speakers and students take a group photo after the event.
29 Jun 2017 | 6:08 PM

The Couch to discuss the state of Malaysia's elephants on Friday

A baby elephant was killed by an oncoming vehicle on the Gerik-Jeli Highway which cuts through elephant roaming areas, and this is the latest in a long line of similar cases.

21 Jun 2017 | 7:56 AM

#SayaSayangSaya town hall series comes to an end

KUCHING: After a year-long tour across Malaysia, the #SayaSayangSaya town hall series is coming to a close here.

19 May 2017 | 7:37 PM

Public WiFi can be used to spread ransomware, say experts

PETALING JAYA: With ransomware on the rise, even public WiFi networks are no longer safe, according to ethical hackers C.F. Fong and Foe Chee Kang.

8 May 2017 | 11:49 AM

This abled youth

Over 10,000 people put on their running shoes and ran alongside hundreds of children with disabilities to promote a more inclusive society.

13 Oct 2016 | 7:00 AM

Lisa Surihani on a mission to take on child sex predators

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress Lisa Surihani is on a quest to help end child sexual grooming in Malaysia, even if it means lobbying politicians.

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5 Oct 2016 | 7:00 AM

Task force’s draft to fight child sex exploitation hailed

KUALA LUMPUR: Experts have hailed the second meeting of the sexual crimes task force as a major breakthrough in the battle against child sexual exploitation.

Informative: The episodes of ‘Predator In My Phone’ are now available with Chinese subtitles.
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14 Jun 2016 | 7:00 AM

Paedophiles turn to gadgets to find and groom potential victims

EXCLUSIVE: Online predators are using technology to target and prey on underage girls. Over a period of six months, The Star’s R.AGE team uncovers the sordid truth surrounding the sexual exploitation of minors, which is more prevalent than most Malaysians suspect.

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22 Feb 2016 | 7:00 AM

‘The Last Survivors’ recalls WWII

PETALING JAYA: It has been 70 years since Japan’s surrender after its occupation of Malaya during World War II, and with each passing year, more stories are being lost due to death and old age.

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31 Oct 2015 | 7:00 AM

Young chefs all set for final grill

PETALING JAYA: Five young chefs will compete in a gruelling cook-off in front of Chef Wan today, all for the chance to be Malaysia’s next food celebrity.