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Brian Martin

Recent and archived articles by Brian Martin

Are you ready for a digital detox?

5 May 2017

That’s probably the best way to avoid spammers, but if you aren’t ready for such a drastic measure, there are other steps you can take.

When terror and football meet

21 April 2017

After the recent attack in Dortmund, security measures for football games both on the continent and across the Channel have reached almost intolerable levels.

Let’s clean up after ourselves

10 March 2017

It’s a shame when foreigners are the ones cleaning up our garbage. We have to overcome our lack of civic-mindedness, especially if we want to attract visitors to our shores.

Please do not text and drive!

27 January 2017

While there’s no data to prove how many traffic accidents are caused by drivers looking at their phone screens, we all know the mobile phone is a dangerous physical and visual distraction.

Let’s not give golf a bad name

13 January 2017

While the MACC crackdown is welcomed, here’s hoping the industry and its spin-offs won’t go through a rough time.

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