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Misuse of Interim Protection Order

27 July 2017

Although such an order is meant to protect members of the family from abuse, sometimes it can cause injustice to the person against whom it is obtained.

The truth about fitness centres

29 June 2017

While some gyms offer a wide range of facilities and services for ordinary membership, others divide these services into different categories and charge extra for them.

How secure are agents?

18 May 2017

Whether such an appointment can be terminated or not depends on the agreement between that person and the principal.

Guarantees under misconception

4 May 2017

A guarantor can deny liability when a borrower defaults if the guarantee was obtained by fraud, misrepresentation or undue influence.

Flats, condos and apartments

20 April 2017

There are three clearly defined periods of management for the maintenance of high-rise properties in Malaysia.

Reflecting on the legal costs

23 March 2017

Think that if you win a civil court case, your opponent will pay all your lawyer’s charges? Not exactly.

Are you planning to remarry?

9 March 2017

For a non-Muslim marriage, be sure you have all the legal documents that you need, or you will be unable to register your second marriage.

Buying to rent may not be a good idea

23 February 2017

RENTING out a house or apartment used to be a source of income that would help to pay back the loan instalment or increase one’s available income.

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