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24 Oct 2017 | 4:02 AM

'Crazy Killer' confession may end 30-year-old Belgian mystery

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A mystery that has troubled Belgium for over 30 years may be solved after a deathbed confession by a former policeman that he was one of the "Crazy Brabant Killers", who left 28 people dead in a bizarre string of robberies in the early 1980s.

23 Oct 2017 | 11:25 PM

EU calls report on May-Juncker talks a smear

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission said a newspaper report that Jean-Claude Juncker had disparaged Theresa May's "despondent" demeanour after a dinner last week was a deliberate smear intended to disrupt Brexit negotiations.

23 Oct 2017 | 12:17 AM

Now talk nice - EU script to help May settle Brexit bill

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Diplomatic theatrics at last week's Brussels summit revealed how European Union leaders will coax Theresa May over the next two months into parting with tens of billions of euros in return for a post-Brexit trade deal.

19 Oct 2017 | 11:04 PM

Britain's new concessions are not enough, EU leaders tell May

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union leaders welcomed a proposal by British Prime Minister Theresa May aimed at unblocking Brexit talks, but said concessions to ease the fears of EU citizens living in Britain were not enough.

18 Oct 2017 | 11:44 PM

Egged off - EU summit venue switched after noxious fumes

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Toxic fumes from kitchen drains forced the European Union on Wednesday to switch the venue of its summit in Brussels less than 24 hours before leaders were due to begin the two-day meeting.

17 Oct 2017 | 5:44 AM

No new ski boycott: EU changes tune on Austrian right

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Seventeen winters ago, the European Union offered a very cold shoulder to a chancellor who brought Austria's far right into government, and some EU leaders even spoke of boycotting Tyrolean ski resorts in protest.

13 Oct 2017 | 5:28 AM

EU to offer May hope of post-Brexit talks at summit - draft text

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union leaders could hand Theresa May an olive branch in deadlocked Brexit negotiations next week by launching their own internal preparations for a transition to a new relationship with Britain.

6 Oct 2017 | 10:47 PM

EU braces for Brexit talks collapse as May falters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - As in-fighting consumes the British government, Europeans have stepped up quiet preparations for a possible collapse of Brexit talks that could see Britain crash out of the EU without a deal 18 months from now.

3 Oct 2017 | 2:21 AM

"Just talk": Belgium offers Spain relationship advice

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Amid a rising babble of advice from European neighbours on how to handle Catalonia, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy might pay attention to one country that knows something about fending off separation -- Belgium.

2 Oct 2017 | 11:20 PM

EU urges Spain to talk to Catalans, condemns violence

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The EU executive urged Spain to talk to Catalan separatists on Monday, condemning violence but also calling for unity, a day after Spanish police beat people trying to vote in an independence referendum in Catalonia.