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Aida Ahmad


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Don’t hold your breath

5 July 2017

Breathing is often taken for granted, which is why a lot of us become easily stressed and suffer from anxiety. All it takes is a few minutes of proper breathing techniques to help you relax.

Burger tour packs a punch

1 May 2017

FOODIES can have their fill of flavourful burgers in May and June as the World Burger Tour promotion takes place in the heart of the city.

Women's club holds South Asia rally in KL

28 March 2017

WOMEN’S voluntary service organisation Inner Wheel Club launched its 4th South Asia rally in Kuala Lumpur with the theme “Circle of Sisterhood”.

Top 10 nibbles from Penang

18 February 2017

MOST of my visits to my hometown in Penang involve a food crawl of some sort – from the time I arrive to the time I leave the island.

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