Published: Saturday December 7, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
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Not so terri-Bull

Bull-ieve it or not: There is actually a town called Bulls in New Zealand.

Bull-ieve it or not: There is actually a town called Bulls in New Zealand.

A reader has something ‘punny’ to share and, believe us, it’s not a load of bull.

WHEN involved with package tours, meeting schedules and given limited time at certain places, we could miss out on some interesting stops during the trip.

On a recent leisurely visit to my sister in Palmerston North, New Zealand, I came upon an “amusing” little town. We were driving to a weekend market not too far away, and had to pass through a place called Bulls.

I had made notes of some unusual little places in NZ and this was one of them – unusual for its punning signs. So I requested that we made a stop here to look around.

We knew we had reached the town when we caught sight of the welcoming sign: “Herd of Bulls? A Town Like No Udder”.

Named after James Bull who founded the town and owned the first general store there, it is a thriving farming community with a population of just 1,755. We heard that some marketing had played around with its name, like “New Zealand gets its milk from Bulls”. I did not try the milk here, so I cannot say whether it is commend-a-bull or forget-a-bull.

As we drove through its streets, we went past Const-a-bull (Police Station), Forgive-a-bull (Anglican Church) and Cure-a-bull (Medical Centre). The information centre is suitably named Inform-a-bull.

There is a gift shop, Desire-a-bull, and a cold store, Freeze-a-bull. You can start guessing how toilets are named, where to park. and the way to a cafe and deli.

Signs here are quite bullish. - Photo by Tan Ling Suan
Signs here are quite bullish.

The town is supposed to have over a hundred such signs. Stopping to study the signage at a certain junction made me wonder whether the students here use such unique terms in their lessons. Someone mentioned that its sister city might be Cowes, a seaport town in England. I have yet to get that verified – though it is quite believe-a-bull, isn’t it?

By the way, the town also has its own website: www.unforgetabull.co.nz which should be a-bull to fill you in on its history and community. Be sense-a-bull enough not to blame anyone for any unreli-a-bull information found there. We should know by now it could be udderly unpredict-a-bull at such a place as Bulls!

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