Stunning: The Grand Pacific Drive encompasses some of NSW's most spectacular scenery and coastline. Highlights include Jervis Bay Point and lighthouse. - Photo from Dolphin Watch Cruises Jervis Bay/Destination NSW
Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia, gets the most votes for preferred travel destination. - AFP
The Ultimate Lord of the Rings Tour organises visits to places connected with LOTR, including Hobbiton - or The Shire - in Rotorua, New Zealand. - AFP

Australia’s oldest city has charm, but there's more outside its embrace

Australia is the dream vacation destination for many, says survey

New 'Lord Of The Rings' tour marks its 60th anniversary

Ballarat’s furry ‘wombassador’

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Alluring Adelaide

18 June 2014

SUPPLEMENT: Some of the best wines Down Under come from South Australia and the region also boasts some spectacular natural scenery. Now get in your car and drive, mate!

Tantalising Tasmanian delights

17 June 2014

SUPPLEMENT: Lots of states and regions in Australia offer outstanding scenery and scrumptious food but Tasmania might just about convince you it has the best. Well worth a drive to find out if it’s true.

Spectacular Sydney and surrounds

17 June 2014

SUPPLEMENT: There’s more to New South Wales than the state capital of Sydney (which is great in its own right) and taking a drive out is the best way, to discover that.

Marvellous Melbourne and surrounds

17 June 2014

SUPPLEMENT: The state of Victoria is quite compact and you can cover much of its length and breath easily in a week. The two most popular driving routes are the Great Southern Touring Route and South East Touring Triangle

Queensland's sunny side

16 June 2014

What’s not to like about Queensland especially its famed beaches, sunny skies and entertainment galore especially on the southern end.

It's Darwin's natural selection

16 June 2014

SUPPLEMENT: Life is a journey and Australia offers you many different options especially if it’s a self-drive holiday. So let’s start from the very top and check out the Northern Territory starting with Darwin.

Tasty fun at the Gold Coast

12 June 2014

Malaysians can relate very well to anything to do with food and the need to get the best pickings. And no place is too far, so why not the Gold Coast which is a just a plane ride away!

Fun at the Gold Coast

9 June 2014

Australia’s famous coastal region presents an assortment of activities to thrill both young and old alike.

Bush-hiking in Victoria

7 June 2014

The Grampians National Park offers scenic rocky outcrops and aboriginal art sites to those who drive, or trek, through it.

Vibrant Victoria is alluring

2 June 2014

Home to lush landscapes and boasting good climate, Victoria offers a tapestry of lovely sights and amazing adventures.

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