World’s first robot theme park to open in South Korea

Kayaking at night is a big deal in Melbourne

An Eyre for Australian seafood

AirAsia X Takeover Challenge: Shout out to the winners

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Let your tongue do the work

10 March 2014

Spotlight: South Australia’s delectable food and wine scene.

Australia: Island in the sun

8 March 2014

There is an array of fascinating features along Australia’s coastline — you will be spellbound!

Eventful Australia

1 March 2014

Sometimes, it’s not merely the food or the attractions that draw us to a country, it could be a special event that is going on there. Here are some worth checking out Down Under.

Allure of French Polynesia

1 March 2014

Under the Southern Cross: Following the magic of the Marquesas Islands.


AAX Challenge: Busking in Adelaide, Australia

24 February 2014

Participate in the AAX Busking Challenge and stand a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Australia! To enter, simply submit a video of yourself busking/street performing, entertaining your street audience - and us! - in any way possible: sing, dance, juggle, mime etc. We'll pick the best two contest entrants, and pack them off on a plane to Adelaide for 4D3N.

Singing out the praises for Adelaide

24 February 2014

The two finalists for the AirAsia X Takeover Challenge will be duking it out next month in Adelaide to see who has the best vocal chops. They will be entertaining thousands of visitors to the city who at the same time are discovering the best things that Adelaide has to offer.

Awesome Australian adventures

22 February 2014

Our intrepid traveller and occasional funnyman, Jason Godfrey, offers suggestions on how to get that adrenaline rush while Down Under.

Adrenaline rush, Aussie style

15 February 2014

Time to head out of the cities and embark on an epic adventure in Oz!

Exciting attractions at Melbourne

11 February 2014

Melbourne’s set to take the Australian tourism spotlight with an array of must-sees.

Quick guide to Aussie cities

8 February 2014

There’s so much that this vast continent has to offer, with each city having its own charm and attraction.

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