Published: Thursday February 6, 2014 MYT 6:00:00 AM
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Sneak peek when booking flights

Unless you’re a regular flyer and know what different airlines have to offer, you leave your seat up to chance when you book a flight.

DON’T you just hate it when getting on board a plane to find that the seat allocated to you basically has your knees knocking into the one in front of you. Great way to practise your yoga moves – not!

Or that you don’t have your own personal seatback monitor but have to make do with a shared one placed overhead five rows away. There goes movies as a distraction to while away the time and instead it’s making funny faces as you try to follow the action on a little screen far, far away.

Then again you might want that extra legroom the exit row seats give (never mind the extra responsibility you have to bear just in case the plane crashes – heaven forbid that possibility).

There’s just no way of knowing what you are going to get when you book a flight. Unless you are a regular jetsetter who knows all about different airlines and the interiors of different plane models.

Well, you don’t need to be an expert now thanks to TripAdvisor’s re-design of its Flights search product. It is now the first to feature comprehensive in-flight insights, amenities information and candid traveller photos coupled with the ability to scan for the lowest prices for airlines globally.

“The in-flight experience can vary dramatically from one itinerary to the next, from cramped leg room and no seatback video on one plane to spacious seats and WiFi access on another – and despite the vast differences – those flights might actually have the same fare,” said Bryan Saltzburg, TripAdvisor Flights general manager. “The new TripAdvisor Flights experience provides transparency into the complete in-flight experience to enable flyers to make the best booking decision and arrive at their destination with a smile.”

What a typical search on the TripAdvisor Flight option looks like. - Photo from TripAdvisor
What a typical search on the TripAdvisor Flight option looks like. – Photo from TripAdvisor
This will be what you are getting on the search service:

• Details on the in-flight experience – Travellers using TripAdvisor Flights will now know exactly what in-flight amenities can be anticipated before they book, including WiFi, power ports and inflight entertainment. TripAdvisor also reveals available legroom (tight, average, spacious), so travellers can find the most comfortable seat.

• A view inside the plane – The product also provides traveller insights on seat type and pitch, as well as thousands of candid traveller photos from SeatGuru of airline seats and cabins and seat maps, giving flight shoppers an inside peek at the aircraft before they book.

• Extra legroom available for purchase – The results display now clearly identifies thousands of aircraft equipped with extra legroom seats.

The traveller photos and amenities features are available on TripAdvisor Flights across 31 countries and in 17 languages. Travellers can try out the new features at

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