Tune Hotels is Southeast Asia's most improved brand

City breaks for Easter

Triple win for Malaysia's travel sector

Shark fin no longer served at Starwood

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Get real-time updates with the Expedia mobile app

2 April 2014

Expedia has updated its mobile app to offer the most relevant information like airport maps, flight status, confirmation codes and addresses at the time it is needed most.

Selfie capital of the world

2 April 2014

Makati City, Philippines declared selfie capital of the world.

Have a green vacation - stay at these ecofriendly lodgings

1 April 2014

Lonely Planet’s list of top 10 eco-stays of 2014.

World's top value hotel stays

31 March 2014

This year’s index on where you will go 'cheap, cheap' when you stay in a hotel or when you will faint at the high-cost.

Gaya island off Sabah is beguiling

29 March 2014

A reader takes us to one of the hottest destinations this year – Kota Kinabalu – and one of its ‘natural pearls’, Pulau Gaya.

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More Hotel Stories

Musings about a Bangkok hotel

9 November 2013

It is situated at a fashionable address, and is clearly classy and elegant.

Putting the pleasure back in business

12 October 2013

‘Bleasure’ – referring to business and leisure – is a growing trend among business travellers.

Five-star treatment at Hilton Phuket Arcadia

14 September 2013

Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa offers not just plush rooms but plenty of on-site activities for a fun-filled holiday.

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PLOY wins TripAdvisor award

6 August 2013

KL restaurant honoured with Certificate of Excellence.

Crazy about organic coffee

1 July 2013

During his involvement with non-governmental organisations across South-East Asia, Tan Jo Hann crossed paths with coffee-centric communities in different parts of the region.

Serving the best of both worlds

24 June 2013

Thai food is often associated with spicy tom yam but there is a wider selection of dishes than just that.

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