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Marienkron: Where health tourists get hydro-blasted by Austrian nuns and love it

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Beautiful hiking experience along the Wales Coast Path

12 April 2014

A very long path that follows Wales’ coastline gives hikers a beautiful experience.

Los Angeles' Union Station, the grande dame of train stations

12 April 2014

Lights, camera, action! The iconic Union Station in Los Angeles has been moving people and freight for over seven decades. It is also a popular filming venue.

Going on an Alpine adventure

12 April 2014

One Malaysian woman braved haunted castles and thunderstorms in the Austrian Alps.

Satellites, sensors recruited to rescue enigmatic ruins of Pompeii from total ruin

5 April 2014

The ruins of ancient Pompeii will be monitored by satellites and sensors in an attempt to stop the UNESCO world heritage site from total ruin.

The hidden gems in the heart of Rome

5 April 2014

To find the pulse of Rome, stray off the typical tourist path and you will be happily surprised.

Where in the world is Diego Garcia?

4 April 2014

Speculation about Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has put the tiny atoll of Diego Garcia on the map.

Dresden: The city that rose again on the Elbe

2 April 2014

Once almost destroyed by World War II, the city of Dresden is now a tourist attraction full of Germanic charms both historic and modern.

Disneyland is riding on Remy the Rat

29 March 2014

Chef Paul Bocuse to help with new ride at theme park.

On top of the world in the Italian Dolomites

29 March 2014

This writer is lost for words, and superlatives escape him as he encounters one of Earth’s wondrous spectacles.

Gulag with a view: Russia's labour camps as tourist attractions

28 March 2014

Former Soviet nation plans to use ‘gulag’ sites to lure visitors.

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