The serene atmosphere at the Spa Village Pangkor Laut. - Photo by YTL Hotels
Bangkok Ball Drop will be held on the night of Dec 31 to mark the new icon of Bangkoks countdown which will be celebrated with a 2.1 meter ball drop from a 15m pole and the extravagant fireworks along Chao Phraya River.
A room in a well-located ryokan costs between RM1,000 and RM2,000 per night.
European and Iranian tourists visiting the Tachara Palace, also known as the palace of King Darius of Achaemenid (522-486BC), at the ancient Persian city of Persepolis.

Spa Village Pangkor Laut wins “Men’s Spa of the Year”

Record-breaking ball drop at Lebua, Bangkok for New Year

Getting ‘inn’ on a Japanese experience at a Ryokan in Gion, Kyoto

Iran is opening its doors to Western tourists

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