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Perilous Jade Mountain

5 April 2014

Tackling the highest mountain in Taiwan is both harder and easier than climbing Mount Kinabalu. And, oh yes, watch out for the loose rocks.

Cheaper to climb Everest

5 April 2014

Nepal will slash climbing fees for Mt Everest and other Himalayan peaks to attract more mountaineers.

The many charms of Chiang Mai

5 April 2014

There’s more than meets the eye in this northern Thai city apart from its in-your-face titillation.

India to memorialise Mahatma Gandhi's ally in world's tallest statue

4 April 2014

Construction of the world’s tallest statue has begun in the state of Gujarat.

Hong Kong's divine celebrations

3 April 2014

Celebrate colourful Chinese culture, mysticism and magic in Hong Kong.

Flocking to Krabi

29 March 2014

Krabi, a seaside town in southern Thailand, has seen an explosion in tourism recently, and airlines are taking note.

Magic of waterfalls

22 March 2014

To commemorate World Water Day, we appreciate the beauty and energising quality of the Earth’s most valuable resource through our waterfalls.

Bam to be restored

22 March 2014

The earthquake-hit ancient citadel of Bam will again be a major tourist attraction by 2016.

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