iplkaki270715 1...Amputee Woo Fong Yeng, 64, feeding three stray cats, who are his only companion, at his home at the Bukit Merah New Village in Lahat, Ipoh, on July 27.

64-year-old amputee is in desperate need of help

30 July 2015

UNTIL he was diagnosed with diabetes, Woo Fong Yeng earned a comfortable living as an operator at a printing company.

Ayer Hitam MP Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong speaking to Sakdiah Majid, 57, who suffers from diabetes and kidney failure.

Wee spends about a million in aid for Muslim community in Yong Peng

23 June 2015

YONG PENG: Although losing her right leg from knee-down two years ago due to diabetes, a 57-year-old grandmother is taking a positive outlook on life.

When lifestyle measures are no longer effective to control diabetes, oral medications are prescribed. Photo: AFPAlong the line, insulin may be added to better control glucose levels. – Filepic

Medicines for diabetes

26 April 2015

For diabetics who can’t control glucose levels with lifestyle measures, drugs are required.

Diabetic Kit Kat thief gets time

14 April 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: He claimed he stole 47 Kit Kat chocolate bars to pay for mounting medical expenses.

Coffee may be able to beat life-threatening diseases

8 April 2015

The controversial drink has the attention of medical experts as it may protect against some major diseases.

Stay active to keep diabetes at arm’s length. – Filepic

Let's get physical: Run, baby, run

5 April 2015

To prevent or reduce the risk of diabetes, physical activities such as running is important.

Excessive sugar intake can lead to overweight and/or obesity that could increase the risk of diabetes. Photo: AFP

The role of food in preventing diabetes

29 March 2015

Diabetes can be prevented, and one of the best ways of doing so is by practising healthy eating habits and regular physical activity.

The bio-ink’s composition is variable, giving it other potential uses, one of which is detecting pollutants when used to draw sensors onto tree leaves. Photo: AFP

Scribble on your skin and get a glucose reading, simple and painless

27 March 2015

To find out your glucose levels, you could one day pick up a pen with a special bio ink and draw a sensor directly onto your skin.

The sweet crisis: Dealing with diabetes

22 March 2015

Some may refer to it as the ‘sweet’ disease because of its link to high sugar levels, but diabetes is definitely not what you would call a ‘sweet deal’.

Maintaining a healthy diet during your pregnancy will help prevent unhealthy weight gain. Photo: TNS

Beware of obesity during pregnancy

21 March 2015

Being mindful of weight gain when you are with child is important. Obesity can increase a pregnant women’s chances of gestational diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia, long labour, labour interventions and miscarriage.

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