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Dear Thelma: ‘My family calls me useless’

19 April 2015

Home is hell for teen who feels unloved by family.

Dear Thelma: ‘My neighbour is driving me nuts!’

12 April 2015

How do you confront a 'bad' neighbour?

Dear Thelma: ‘He betrays me all the time but I always forgive him’

5 April 2015

Am I just not good enough for him?

Dear Thelma: ‘I thought I was a good student but maybe I’m not!’

29 March 2015

A-level student is stressed out that she is unable to cope with programme.

Dear Thelma: ‘I broke up with someone I love’

22 March 2015

Words spoken in a moment of anger led to break-up of relationship with girl he loved dearly.

Dear Thelma: ‘I’m married but I’m hopelessly attracted to a salesman’

8 March 2015

When he says, 'Take care' or 'Keep in touch', does he mean he cares for me too?

Dear Thelma: ‘I suspect my wife sees me as an ATM’

1 March 2015

An older man finds himself stuck in an incompatible marriage with a younger woman.

Dear Thelma: ‘I don’t find child-rearing exciting or challenging’

25 January 2015

A stay-at-home mother wants to be a working mum instead.

Dear Thelma: ‘Blinded by love, I let my 44 year-old lover abuse me’

18 January 2015

Her ‘knight’ was a cheat and a liar.

Dear Thelma: Learning isn’t just about answering exam questions

4 January 2015

A student worries that a teacher's unconventional methods of teaching might affect his exam results.

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