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Dear Thelma: 'I don’t find child-rearing exciting or challenging'

25 January 2015

A stay-at-home mother wants to be a working mum instead.

Dear Thelma: Blinded by love, I let my 44 year-old lover abuse me

18 January 2015

Her ‘knight’ was a cheat and a liar.

Learning is not just about being able to answer exam questions

4 January 2015

Dear Thelma: A student worries that a teacher's unconventional methods of teaching might affect his exam results.

All burnt out

28 December 2014

Is it time to leave when you are no longer giving your best? A reader seeks advice from Thelma.

Dear Thelma: Stressed-out student is worried about disappointing parents

21 December 2014

Even when the situation seems hopeless, there are things you can do to bring change.

Dear Thelma: 'I love my BF but long-distance relationships are hard'

7 December 2014

The road ahead is rough, but it is possible to make it last given the right communication.

He just want her as a friend with benefits

30 November 2014

Dear Thelma: Knowing he’s not the one and getting over the pain of losing someone you loved is never easy.

Dear Thelma: Feeling guilty over past relationship with sex addict

16 November 2014

A woman in her 20s is still feeling shameful, betrayed and guilty over a past relationship in college.

Dear Thelma: I am sitting for my STPM and I am stressing out!

26 October 2014

Learning to deal with exam stress.

Dear Thelma: He's so much older, but he's rich!

19 October 2014

Should she go for him despite the big age gap just because of his wealth?

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