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Dear Thelma: 'I love my BF but long-distance relationships are hard'

7 December 2014

The road ahead is rough, but it is possible to make it last given the right communication.

He just want her as a friend with benefits

30 November 2014

Dear Thelma: Knowing he’s not the one and getting over the pain of losing someone you loved is never easy.

Dear Thelma: Feeling guilty over past relationship with sex addict

16 November 2014

A woman in her 20s is still feeling shameful, betrayed and guilty over a past relationship in college.

Dear Thelma: I am sitting for my STPM and I am stressing out!

26 October 2014

Learning to deal with exam stress.

Dear Thelma: He's so much older, but he's rich!

19 October 2014

Should she go for him despite the big age gap just because of his wealth?

Dear Thelma: Can a 40-year-old woman be happy with a much younger bf?

21 September 2014

A single woman dating a man who is 12 years younger wonders if she should find someone 'her age'.

Dear Thelma: "I want to marry my girlfriend but she's angry all the time"

24 August 2014

A young man loves his girlfriend, but she's always mad at him and her parents want her to marry someone else. Can Thelma help?

Dear Thelma: She's broke and bossy, I'm frustrated and weak

27 July 2014

One man can't decide if his poor girlfriend is using him for money or if he's using her to stay in a relationship.

Dear Thelma: Challenging choices

8 June 2014

A concerned aunt is worried about her niece's new relationship with a divorced man.

Dear Thelma: I feel like I've lost half my life to depression

1 June 2014

Unlike many severely debilitating mental illnesses, a diagnosis of depression or anxiety is not a lifelong one. There are steps that one can take to reduce symptoms.

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