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Dear Thelma: She's broke and bossy, I'm frustrated and weak

27 July 2014

One man can't decide if his poor girlfriend is using him for money or if he's using her to stay in a relationship.

Dear Thelma: Challenging choices

8 June 2014

A concerned aunt is worried about her niece's new relationship with a divorced man.

Dear Thelma: Is he worth fighting for?

25 May 2014

Lost Girl is in love with a man who has two exes and is still involved in their lives.

Dear Thelma: Double standards for marital affairs

18 May 2014

What happens when it is the grandparents or the adult children who are having the affairs?

Dear Thelma: She doesn't 'friend' me anymore

11 May 2014

A teenager feels that she is being ignored by a good friend.

Dear Thelma: I like her, but does she like me?

4 May 2014

Danny falls in love with a girl on the Internet.

Dear Thelma: Why doesn't he pick up?

23 March 2014

From Unsure.

Dear Thelma: Too old for sex?

9 March 2014

From Why

A broad spectrum

1 March 2014

Marvellous Mags, Freeze Frame, Audiofile, Grunt 'n' Groan, Tell It To Thelma – Star2 columns have tackled subjects like wrestling, comic books and your love-life dramas with a personal touch.

Dear Thelma: To tell, or not to tell?

16 February 2014

Afraid to tell family he is gay for fear of rejection.

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