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Dear Thelma: Why doesn't he pick up?

23 March 2014

From Unsure.

Dear Thelma: Too old for sex?

9 March 2014

From Why

A broad spectrum

1 March 2014

Marvellous Mags, Freeze Frame, Audiofile, Grunt 'n' Groan, Tell It To Thelma – Star2 columns have tackled subjects like wrestling, comic books and your love-life dramas with a personal touch.

Dear Thelma: To tell, or not to tell?

16 February 2014

Afraid to tell family he is gay for fear of rejection.

Dear Thelma: Deity says no to relationship

26 January 2014

I was in a relationship with C for 11 years but recently, we broke up. This was after C had gone for a session with a 'deity'.

Dear Thelma: He wears women's underwear

12 January 2014

From Traumatised.

Dear Thelma: 'My mum is mentally unwell'

29 December 2013

Teenage girl craves normality of life with a ‘normal’ mother.

Dear Thelma: Is it really over?

15 December 2013

I don't know how to put this in simple words. Let’s just start with how I got together with this guy.

Living in fear of ex-boyfriend

17 November 2013

Dear Thelma, my ex-boyfriend is controlling my life and making me suffer.

Attracted to another girl

3 November 2013

From Rafael.

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