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Published: Saturday December 14, 2013 MYT 7:30:00 AM
Updated: Friday December 13, 2013 MYT 5:08:47 PM

Too many questions, too few answers

Can David Moyes (right) and star striker Robin van Persie get Man United out of the Premier League doldrums starting with the clash at Aston Villa on Sunday? - AFP

Can David Moyes (right) and star striker Robin van Persie get Man United out of the Premier League doldrums starting with the clash at Aston Villa on Sunday? - AFP

LET’S play a game of 20 questions.

Are Manchester United a Premier League-winning team? No (although they did win it last season).

United, for many seasons, have been a mediocre team with a great manager.

Now, they are a mediocre team with an equally mediocre manager.

Alex Ferguson is part of the problem actually. But, before you throw brickbats at me, please understand that even he over-achieved with a bunch of players who are simply not good enough.

Besides Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie and Michael Carrick, who do you think are the other United players who can walk straight into the first 11 of the current top four teams?

So, would another manager have made a difference? No. We could have got anyone – from Jose to Pep – and the results would have probably been the same.

Is David Moyes the right man for the job? I still believe he is. Moyes has the right pedigree to be a world-class manager but he is still in a transition stage.

Previously, Evertonians did not expect too much from their team but, at Manchester United, he is expected to win every game, every tackle and every throw-in.

This can be tough on any manager, but I still believe Moyes has what it takes to make the Red Devils the “Kings of Premier League” once again.

Can we still win the Premier League this season? Even Stevie Wonder can see that we won’t but that does not mean we will be throphy-less.

United can still save the season by qualifying for the semi-finals of the Champions League and winning the FA Cup. Not bad for a team in transition, wouldn’t you say?

What can we expect from The Red Devils from now till end of the season? Plenty of frustration.

United will have a roller-coaster season given the current circumstances but it is our duty as fans to stand by Moyes, even if Liverpool win the League.

Having said all that, there is one major signing in January who I believe can change that equation all together.

Reports in the UK are suggesting that Wesley Sneijder could make his way to Old Trafford when the transfer window opens next month.

At 29, Sneijder is anything but the finished article and he can add depth to United’s poor midfield. Plus, with a release clause of around £13mil, this is a steal.

Finally, what can we expect from the game against Villa this weekend? Don’t forget, United have lost their fear factor.

No clubs in the EPL fear us anymore. Every manager out there will be setting their team up to beat United, instead of doing damage control.

However, Villa’s home form is shaky this season and United cannot afford to go on a three-game losing streak.

It would be hard to predict a scoreline for this one but I can safely say that this game would be one for the neutrals to enjoy.

Nevash Nair says that if he were a betting man, he would plump for a draw and ask more questions after the game.


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