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Published: Tuesday December 17, 2013 MYT 7:30:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday December 17, 2013 MYT 8:02:58 AM

All we want for Xmas …

TIS the season for gift-giving and Christmas sales. What better time to shop for gifts for your loved ones.

If you're cracking your head for gift ideas for your sports-mad family members and friends, fret not. StarSport is sharing our Christmas wishlist with readers to give you some ideas on what to buy your loved ones.

Football jerseys

MY BELOVED mother Granappoo, my brother Seelan and my nine-year-old nephew Shaneil are diehard Liverpool fans.

It will be quite awesome to see these three important people in my life from three different generations sitting together enjoying a good football match (which is hardly) involving their adored team Liverpool – wearing the jerseys that I have purchased for them.

There have been rare occasions when I have seen them watching Liverpool matches together – mum with her batik sarong, brother shirtless – baring his prosperous tummy, and the little cute one with his pyjamas on.

So, I have decided, for once, I would like to see them all in Liverpool jerseys at the same time. So, this Christmas, I will be hunting for the best bargain or I may just get it from Myanmar (during the SEA Games) – the slightly different version – if you know what I mean.

Getting this year’s gift for them however, will probably be the hardest – all because I am a Manchester United fan! – Rajes Paul

Foldable bike

I HAD a Dahon folding bike and used to ride it around the neighbourhood to keep myself fit and run errands sometimes. But it was stolen early this year after I left it in the carpark. It was still new, but I have only myself to blame for losing it as I had forgotten to fold it and bring it inside.

So I am hoping to get one. I am sure anyone who currently owns a folding bike will know what I am talking about when I say this bike is the epitome of convenience and transportability.

It is something you can put in a car and bring anywhere … light enough to carry up the stairs, if your budget is right.

It costs anything from as cheap as RM700 to a whopping RM9,000.

But it is the choice for short or leisurely rides around the city. Most importantly, you will sweat and be fitter in the end.

It is the freedom to travel anywhere with your bike that gives folding bikes a magic quality. These bikes can open up entirely new ways of travelling. – Lim Teik Huat

World Cup tickets

THIS is a no-brainer for me – of course it's Category 1 tickets to watch Brazil at the FIFA World Cup next June.

Being a big Brazil football fan, I can't imagine not being at the World Cup next year since it is hosted by Brazil. It should be a great show by the footballers, fans and yes, even the samba chicks.

I remember watching Hero – my all-time favourite World Cup movie and every time it came to Brazil, there'd be the samba drums and the hot chicks shaking their hips. It looked like a serious party going on. Now imagine if the whole stadium is basically made up of Brazilians – what a huge party that'd be!

Not to mention the Brazilian football, of course.

So far my attempts to get tickets, in Phase One of FIFA's sales programme, have failed. So, at the top of my Christmas wishlist is World Cup tickets to watch Brazil play … in any of the stadiums. – Brigitte Rozario

Gaming console

ALL I want for Christmas is a PlayStation 4 (PS4) game console with the latest FIFA 14 game.

This would make my life complete. With a big screen television, home theatre system and friends, it would be every football fan's dream to control their favorite teams and show who’s the best with the controller.

With the latest instalment of FIFA, gameplays are even more realistic. Graphics are tremendously real and it could be the closest you get to experiencing real-life football up close.

With the PS4, this Christmas would certainly be very merry. – James Tang

Bicycle trainer

PRESSIES! Although I don't celebrate Christmas, I wouldn't mind getting some presents at the moment. (Hint! Hint!)

Now what would I want as a present? How about an Elite Turbo Muin direct drive trainer (http://www.elite-it.com/turbo-muin/)? Sounds like an out-of-space thingamajig but in short, it is an indoor bicycle trainer.

Why do I want this baby so badly? Becaus it is very quiet and I'd be able to use it and not wake up my kids at night (or the neighbours) like my old trainer. The one I am using now is very loud and it eats my tyres fast.

This baby on the other hand, doesn't require me to put on my rear wheel at all! And I want it as a gift because it is just too expensive to buy myself (RM2,600!). – Shamshul Fitri


A TREADMILL is at the top of my wish list at the moment as I badly need to get back in shape.

The unpredictability of the Malaysian weather has foiled my attempts at jogging in the park far too often and a gym membership needs commitment which I will never be able to fulfil.

So a treadmill fits my plans to get fit and work out at home with the little time I have for myself. – K. Rajan

Flying disc

WHY? Isn't it fun to have a few rounds of disc-throwing (also more popularly known as Frisbee) with friends over the weekend? This is the age where most of us spend our off days glued to the computer, bumming on the couch or just wandering aimlessly in malls. It's definitely more beneficial to get out there with friends and have a few rounds of fun.

It turns out that disc-throwing is a proper sport in some parts of the world … namely the United States, but I reckon it's a lot of fun to just slug it out with friends over the weekend … roll and tumble in the grass and just laugh like hyenas at your friends' efforts in trying to catch a flying disc. – Kng Zheng Guan

Polar RC3 GPS sports watch

NOW, why you might ask? It's simple. I am a resolutions deal-breaker and I need discipline. (There, it's off my chest!) And every year, I set out this ambitious goal of eating healthy and getting regular exercise but it always goes out the window.

But I want 2014 to be different.

What I need is something that's going to tell me how well or badly I'm doing. I'm not saying that it's going to turn me into this lean, mean running machine, but hey, it'll at least make things a little exciting for me and I can track my progress.

I read somewhere that understanding your heart rate is the best way to understand running. And this is just what the RC3 GPS watch does. It monitors your heart rate, speed, distance covered and it has GPS which means I get to calculate and map out routes when I run. I'm bad with numbers and counting miles. So, this will be great!

But wait there's more! There also a Smart Coaching feature that allows you to do a couple of neat things.

There's the Fitness Test that puts you through your paces for five minutes to track your progress. But most importantly, the I'm Running Index actually scores your performance based on heart rate, speed and estimated finish time. Brilliant!

So Santa, if you're listening ... could I have it in black, please? – Ashreena Pillai

Running shoes

THERE are so many things I want: iPod, pair of Brooks or Asics running shoes, treadmill, racing/mountain bike … the list goes on.

But I think I'll plump for a pair of Brooks or Asics running shoes.

Why? Simple, I just love to run, especially outdoors. Sometimes, I run even when it rains. Actually, there’s nothing better than running in the rain and feeling like a kid all over again!

But why Brooks or Asics running shoes? Well, I was told that they are really good for running. I wanted to get one but the price put me off.

And now that I’m into running half-marathons (with hopes of running a full marathon before I turn 55), the shoes will come in handy, indeed.

I hope Santa will throw in an iPod and a treadmill as well!

Fat chance. Hahaha! – R. Manogaran

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