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Published: Sunday August 17, 2014 MYT 11:45:00 AM
Updated: Sunday August 17, 2014 MYT 12:19:29 PM

Pakatan’s colossal failure in Selangor

NEVER before in the history of our country has a political party sacked a sitting Mentri Besar. Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) expelled Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim on a set of spurious allegations and it was indeed a day of ignominy for Malaysian politics.

I personally believe that we ought to give political parties some leeway in resolving party matters because I have been privy to the management of the affairs of a political party and I confess it is never easy. I have always found dealing with individuals and egos a challenge but then again I always remind myself that political expediency must never prevail over principles.

In this respect, like many Selangorians I observed the shenanigans of Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor over the past five (5) months starting with the so-called Kajang move to replace Khalid. In fact all these moves have left the average Selangorian, like myself, rather confused and befuddled.

Instead of governing the most prosperous and developed state in Malaysia, Pakatan especially PKR, has resorted to political chicanery that has left a gaping hole in the governance of the state. The events of the past few weeks has forced me to break my silence because I am shocked at how poorly and carelessly Pakatan has managed the political crisis in Selangor resulting in the expulsion of Khalid from PKR.

Indeed it begs the question - did PKR ride roughshod over Khalid because they genuinely believed that he would simply sacrifice himself at the altar of Anwar's political desires? How is it that Khalid who was hailed as Pakatan Selangor's mascot a little over a year ago has become the architect of its impending downfall in Selangor? And how come PAS remains defiant and continues to extend support to Khalid despite claims that Pakatan is a coalition grounded in consensus and mutual respect and there is no “small brother” or “big brother”. That is something that Pakatan parties especially the Democratic Action Party (DAP) choose to play up when taunting Barisan as a coalition of unequals.

The manner in which this whole episode has been handled has been not only abysmal but it has revealed the fault lines in PKR. There is no party discipline and only avarice for power. It was never about what Selangorians wanted or needed but is was how an august office was manipulated and put at risk to resolve one’s internal party problems.

The Kajang move was purportedly initiated because there was a threat on the hold of Pakatan power in Selangor. Besides the fact that Pakatan enjoys a two-thirds (2/3) majority in the Selangor State Legislative Assembly, I did not see and still do not see any threat to their hold on power.

In fact, all threats to their hold on power have been internal due to the scramble for the MB’s post after GE13 followed by continued in-fighting in PKR and the so-called Kajang move.

In my humble opinion, the Kajang move was concocted to divert the public’s attention and to justify the ill-conceived move Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his cohorts have been hellbent on removing Khalid and replacing him with someone more amenable to them.

Also, we must ask the question: why was Khalid not properly sounded out  over the Kajang move? Let us assume he was as he was the sitting MB after all and failing to rope him in would be politically negligent and assuming he appreciated the political expediency for Anwar and PKR and yet he resisted doesn't it beg the question of why he has defied his own party so brazenly?

I suspect that it is because he does not want Selangor to be a harem for the prickly and sordid politics of PKR which have become self evident over the past few weeks. In a way, Khalid has become the defender of Selangorian interests against a pernicious political force.

PAS is now the “big brother” to DAP and PKR as they remain defiant and refused to tow the Pakatan line or what’s left of it. It once again shows that Pakatan has failed to function effectively as a coalition because for too long they have adopted an agree to disagree approach leaving major issues such as PAS’ desire for a theocratic Islamic state unresolved.

The failure to adhere to coalition dharma is today one of the main contributing factors to the breakdown in relations amongst PR parties. While the usual DAP and PKR response would be that PAS is nothing more than an intransigent partner, it shows they lack the understanding that PAS’ raison d’être and political struggle will always be anathema to the political mainstream of this country.

For 6 long years now, Pakatan touted Selangor as their model to govern the nation. Indeed it has shown us besides political regicide and subterfuge, they have nothing else to offer. Their vision of governance is to simply remove anyone who stands up to Istana Segambut.

Selangor today is in a mess because PKR decided that their political interests surmounts the people's interests. In fact they are doing everything they said they would not do when canvassing for votes. They said they will be different than Barisan and they were right on this account, BN would never put the people of Malaysia through such a hellish course. I wonder what other moves are in the future that will only further compromise the hopes, aspirations and concerns of Malaysians.

 I do hope Malaysians who supported PR/PKR in Selangor will wake up and realise that their so called "governance-model" is nothing more than a erroneous comedy.

> Ivanpal S. Grewal is a Gerakan Youth leader who feels that the people of Selangor need to give up on the Pakatan experiment. The views expressed are entirely the writer's own.

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