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Published: Tuesday March 24, 2015 MYT 8:44:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday March 24, 2015 MYT 9:26:05 AM

Hudud concerns the entire country

THE implementation of hudud in our country will affect not only Muslims, but also non-Muslims, and the overall growth of the country.

As PAS leaders continue their hudud campaign while stating that the law will only affect Muslims, the fact is a country with two sets of laws cannot progress.

Take for example a rape case involving two accused, a Muslim and a non-Muslim. Under syariah law, a conviction can only be secured when four reputable Muslim witnesses testify in court. Thus, a situation could emerge where one wrongdoer gets off Scot-free while another non-Muslim is convicted based on DNA evidence.

Till now no one has explained how hudud will apply in cases involving non-Muslims as well as Muslims.

If PAS’ two Private Member’s Bills are introduced and accepted by Parliament for the implementation of hudud in Kelantan, there is no telling how the country overall will fare.

There could be an exodus of talent, a direct impact on foreign investments in the country and perhaps even tourism.

There is this notion that the implementation of hudud in Kelantan will not affect other states. However, we could see a domino effect, with other states following suit.

All this anxiety has come about in the wake of the PAS passing amendments to the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code II 1993, despite not being backed to do so by its Pakatan Rakyat partners PKR and DAP.

DAP’s actions or rather inaction in not standing up to PAS must be termed as a betrayal to its supporters.

During the last two general elections, promised the public it would not allow hudud to be implemented so long as it remains in Pakatan Rakyat. Now, however, since it has shown its helplessness in this situation, its only fair that the party apologises to Malaysians and pull out of Pakatan.

There is no doubt that the relationship between the Pakatan’s partners is at an all-time low after the Selangor Menteri Besar crisis and now, the hudud issue.

What it looks like is that there can never be real collaboration on major issues in Pakatan, just a union for political advantage. It is disrespectful to people who voted for them.

The bigger fact, however, is that since it goes against the Federal Constitution, the hudud should never be enforced in Malaysia.

> The views expressed are entirely the writer’s own.

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Hudud concerns the entire country

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The implementation of hudud in Malaysia will affect not only Muslims, but also non-Muslims, and the overall growth of the country.

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