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Published: Monday May 18, 2015 MYT 9:06:00 AM
Updated: Monday May 18, 2015 MYT 9:33:52 AM

The best Liverpool has seen

STEVEN Gerrard (pic) has never been my favourite Liverpool player although he has been the best one by a mile since I started supporting the Reds in 1990.

The number of times he has rescued Liverpool is uncountable. And that goal against Greek side Olympiakos in the group stages of the 2005 Champions League has got to be the most memorable one for me.

I was at a friend’s place – a Spurs fan – watching the game. As it was in the wee hours of the morning, he thought it would be better to get some rest for work the next day.

But when Gerrard scored that goal courtesy of a Neil Mellor headed pass, I went ballistic.

I kept banging on his door and OK, I will leave it at that …

His second most important goal was the last-minute equaliser in the 2006 FA cup final against West Ham.

Gerrard doesn’t score the tap ins. It has to be from outside the penalty box or even further. Just YouTube Steven Gerrard goals and you will know what I mean.

Gerrard has been Liverpool’s most important player in the last decade and a bit more.

Even the great Zinedine Zidane once labelled him as the best player in the world.

Gerrard could have played at any club. Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan … anyone of them. He could have even gone to Chelsea but family circumstances didn’t allow him to.

Not once, but twice, he was really close to joining Jose Mourinho and was said to have made up his mind to move on from the Reds. The first time, after winning the 2005 Champions League final against AC Milan.

It wouldn’t have mattered to me if he had joined a club outside England. But to join Chelsea? Or to even to consider them?

That’s why Gerrard is not my favourite Liverpool player although I have a jersey with his name and number – 17. That way before he took the No. 8.

My favorite Liverpool player of all time is Robbie Fowler aka God followed by Jamie Carragher.

Fowler never wanted to leave Liverpool and was forced out, while Carragher was always going to be a one-club player.

But Gerrard could have left and did want to leave. And he was on the brink of a move to a hated rival.

In retrospect, he should have gone. He would have won a lot more trophies and gained more accolades.

As a Liverpool fan it’s not easy to admit, but it’s a fact.

Fernando Torres’ decision to leave Liverpool for Chelsea was justified while Luis Suarez is on course to win a treble with Barcelona this season.

Anyway, Gerrard stayed. And played with his boyhood club. Until they decided to “dump” him.

So he will be embarking on a new adventure at LA Galaxy, in other words he’s beginning his retirement.

It just goes to show that the club also looks after they’re best interests. If you’re good they will fight tooth and nail to keep you. If you’re not, don’t expect them to go all out for you.

The supporters are no different.

As a Liverpool fan, I’m glad that Gerrard stayed. Heaven knows where Liverpool would have been without him.

He always gave his best and it was not fair when he got a lot of stick for some “slip-ups” and “stamps”. He deserved better.

Life goes on though, so thank you Steven. YNWA

> The views expressed are entirely the writer’s own.

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