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The Gratitudist by Davina Goh

A sanctuary called solitude

I recall a former colleague once expressing his love for watching movies in the cinema alone. At the time, as an outgoing person, I could not understand the idea. Today, however, if there were a movie that begged my attention, I would have no qualms doing the same.

A Humble Submission by Syahredzan Johan

Respecting the deceased

WITH the passing of the late, great Karpal Singh, you get a sense that for many, the nation has indeed lost one of its most illustrious sons. It is one thing seeing it from his friends, political colleagues and constituents, but we also saw genuine sadness and respect from those he opposed.

Ong Kian Ming

Ask Dr G by Dr George Lee

Azoospermia affects 1% of male population

Azoopsermia is a medical condition where a man does not have any measurable sperm in his semen. This affect about 1% of the male population and around 20% of all men presented with issues of infertility.

Humour Me by Norlin Wan Musa

Experiences money can’t buy

One of the things my husband and I are passionate about is exploring the world with our children. We love the adventure that travel brings and the thrill of discovering new things together.

Ask Dr G by Dr George Lee

Between the sheets

Two recent studies revealed that up to one in three men would suffer from premature ejaculation.

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