Published: Sunday December 15, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Sunday December 15, 2013 MYT 10:07:56 AM

Age is only a number

I HAVE been following William K.C. Kee’s articles whenever I could over the years. Reading his #TheNewBlack column today (Hitting The Big 4-0, Dec 4) prompted me to write in. I have never written to any newspaper before.

I can totally relate to his article. In fact, I am one of those who have recently quit his job (as quoted in his article) as part of the big 40 change. Oh and the part about squeaky knees – welcome to the club! LOL!! No, I don’t have squeaky knees but I have become more aware of the condition of my body and how signs of ageing have begun to set in. I also wonder if it is really that or just me being paranoid about minor aches and pains.

Like Kee, I have also begun to notice that the people around me are so much younger – in the office, in the media, even on the streets! Urgh. More signs of ageing?

I am also trying to come to terms with the change in big figure “4”. I still cringe at it and am seriously trying to re-look and re-assess my life. Maybe a total shift is required.

Well, that’s my task for 2014 – to figure out what I want to do and how I want to live the second part of my life. I have been working in Singapore for the past six and half years and have recently moved back to Kuala Lumpur after I quit my job in Singapore. I still have parents and relatives in Penang so I will be spending some time back in Penang soon too. So sorry to read about the demise of Kee’s dad. My condolences to him and his family. It is always hard when we lose a parent. I constantly worry about mine too.

Well, the festive season and year end will soon be upon us, so to Kee, enjoy the remaining months of being in your 30s! Your big-figure doesn’t change until July 2014, so there are still many many months of being in your 30s! And after that, just remember that age is only a number. You are defined by who you are and the choices you make, not by your age.

A fellow Penangite

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