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Published: Thursday July 31, 2014 MYT 11:15:00 AM
Updated: Thursday July 31, 2014 MYT 11:38:06 AM

Woman seriously injured in Porsche-Perodua crash on Elite Highway

Medical personnel inspecting the Perodua Viva that was involved in an accident with a Porsche (pic below) on the Elite Highway.

Medical personnel inspecting the Perodua Viva that was involved in an accident with a Porsche (pic below) on the Elite Highway.

SHAH ALAM: A woman was seriously injured when the Perodua Viva in which she was a passenger, was rammed at the rear by a Porsche, along KM12.8 of the Elite Highway heading to USJ, early Thursday.

The Perodua rolled over a few times from the impact before crashing into a drain, causing her to be hurt, although her husband and son escaped injury.

Medical personnel from Hospital Putrajaya managed to extricate the injured woman from the wreckage with the help of concerned passers-by.

Passers-by also helped collect the family's belongings, which were flung out of the car in the crash.

The woman was believed to have broken her neck and also suffered injuries to her face.

Her 12-year-old son, who declined to be named, said the family was heading back to Batu Gajah, Perak after spending Hari Raya with relatives in Beranang, Semenyih for four days.

When approached for an interview, his father Khamiri Zarial, 41, requested the media to leave his son alone as the child was still in shock from the accident.

Meanwhile, a business owner who identified herself as V. Umadevi claimed she saw the Porsche slamming into the Viva at approximately 12.30am.

The 31-year-old woman added that she was driving a Proton Saga in the middle lane of the expressway with four others in the car when they witnessed the collision.

"Both cars were in the fast lane when the Porsche rammed the Viva.

"The impact of the crash threw the Viva to the far left of the road, causing it to crash into a drain," she said.

Umadevi said she saw the Porsche crashing into a divider soon after.

"I was scared that the Viva would hit our car as it skidded off the road but fortunately, it didn't.

"I feel sorry for the injured lady - at the same time I'm relieved that her son escaped unscathed," she added.

According to police officers at the site, the driver of the Porsche was a British citizen in the country on a student visa.

He added that four people, including the driver, were in the Porsche during the collision.

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