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Published: Friday July 18, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Friday July 18, 2014 MYT 9:06:57 AM

Outburst of 'Kiki' memes on social media

PETALING JAYA: A video of a woman screaming abuses and repeatedly hitting a vehicle of an elderly driver with a steering lock has sparked an outburst of memes across social media.

The memes, satirical viewpoints on screen captures of the video, are being circulated on networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

Movie poster memes, the Peugeot lion holding a steering lock, a female Thor protecting her car and the uncle and Raja Bomoh using steering locks as binoculars were some of the memes circulated.

During the minor accident, Siti Fairrah Ashykin, known as Kiki, screamed and repeatedly hit the vehicle of the other driver with a steering lock and demanded that he pay her RM2,000 on the spot for the damage he had caused to her brand-new car.

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